Where does Dr Hilary live? Inside the home life of Good Morning Britain doctor

Anti-vax protesters appear to stand near Dr Hilary's home

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The TV doctor has become a household name across Britain since joining the Good Morning Britain family back in the 1990’s. Despite trading his ordinary life as a doctor for the fame of a TV medic, Dr Hilary Jones’s home life in the country is a more low-key affair – but what is life really like off-screen for the esteemed doctor?

Where does Dr Hilary live?

As no stranger to showbiz, 68-year-old Dr Hilary has shown the British public his ‘double life’, swapping the cameras for the quaint countryside.

The TV doctor lives in a small town in Kent with his fitness-expert wife Dee Thrasher and their beloved dog Harley.

Despite keeping his home life in Edenbridge relatively private, Dr Hilary has shared a glimpse of country-living with the public since the pandemic forced the nation to stay at home.

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What does his home look like?

On a segment about positivity featured on GMB, the resident medic told fans how walking his dog lifts his own mood.

Spotted with his furry springer spaniel on his lap, the doctor revealed a cosy living room in the background.

The cream sofa and open fire hint at the cosiness of the TV doctor’s country abode.

Neutral furnishings and wooden features show the rustic add modesty to the famous pair’s idyllic home.


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Describing their home as a “quirky old house”, it seems Dr Hilary and his wife Dee enjoy the tranquillity of the great outdoors.

Surrounded by countryside, the pair have revealed their love for dog walking and the cosiness of their Kent home.

Speaking on GMB during a DIY segment on the show last year, Hilary said: “It’s just old and nothing’s in a straight line, and nothing’s level.

“It’s a nightmare for decorating, but we just love the house.”

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Home life

The celebrity couple, who married back in 2016, met on GMB in 2008 while working on a diet segment together.

The GMTV Bikini Diet feature saw the pair’s relationship blossom, though Dr Hilary was married to his then-wife, Sarah Harvey at the time.

Dee told Hello Magazine: “I was the GMTV fitness expert helping people get in shape for summer and he was the doctor giving health advice.

“A year later we were both at a friend’s wedding, re-connected and we’ve been together ever since.”

The TV doctor revealed to viewers that the married pair share chores at home as they both still work full time in television.

Dr Hilary’s early career

Before joining the GMTV crew in the late 1990’s, Dr Hilary trained as a medical doctor and later became a Principal in General Practice and a GP Trainer in the early 1980s.

The doctor was busy starting a family while rising to fame as Britain’s most well-known TV doctor.

ITV’s resident medical expert has a large family, with five children of his own from his previous two marriages to Anne Marie Vives and Sarah Harvey.

Between Dr Hilary and his Cypriot fitness-instructor wife, Dee, the pair have eight children and three grandchildren – with the family likely to grow in the future.

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