WhatsApp rolls out BIG change to iPhone owners – you'll never text the same way again | The Sun

WHATSAPP has finally rolled out its long-awaited message editing feature to all iPhone users.

The life-changing feature will mean you'll never make any embarrassing spelling mistakes in the Meta-owned messaging app ever again.

While Meta boss Mark Zuckerberg announced that the popular app now supports editing on 22 May, the feature hasn't yet been available to all iPhone users.

When it was first announced, iPhone and Android owners alike were told that it might take several weeks for the feature to be introduced to their devices.

iPhone users were expecting to find the Edit button in the drop down menu that appears when you long-press a message.

But it was no where to be found.


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That was until WhatsApp's latest iOS 23.10.77 update made the feature ready to use for all iPhone owners.

All iPhone users need to do now is update their WhatsApp to the latest version from the App Store to access to new button.

The feature is among WhatsApp's most requested by users.

It allows people to edit their messages within a 15-minute timeframe from sending them.

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Users have the freedom to make an unlimited number of edits. 

While people will know if you've edited a message on WhatsApp, because the re-jigged message will say 'edited' at the bottom of it.

Other users won't be able to see what changes you've made.

So, rest assured that any spelling mistakes or risky text won't pull through and expose you if you've quickly realised your error or changed your mind.

It's very easy to use, too.

The Sun has written a guide on how to edit WhatsApp messages to make sure you can make the most out of the new feature.

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