What do the Snapchat icon symbols mean?

YOUR Snapchat says a lot about you – and not only how cute your dog is or how perfect your eyeliner is.

In fact, Snapchat is an easy way to tell who your best friends are – just by looking at the icons next to their names.

What do the snapchat icon symbols mean?

The gold heart

The gold heart emoji indicates someone very special in your Snapchat life.

They are currently your very best friend – you've sent the most snaps to them and received the most snaps back from them.

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The red heart

Red hearts symbolise love, so they rightfully appear next to the person who has been your very best Snapchat friend for two whole weeks.

You two should get a room!

The pink heart

Pink to make the boys… send another snap.

A pink heart next to a name means you have been very best friends for a whole two months.

Have you two decided on a wedding venue yet?

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The grimacing face

That little face is full of emotion – fear, envy and uncertainty.

That's because the grimacing emoji means you share a very best friend – you both send most of your Snapchat messages to the same person.

It's getting a bit crowded in here, don't you think?

The smiling face

If you see a simple smiley next to a name, you two are just a couple of easy pals – it's nothing too deep.

You see these contented smiling faces next to the eight friends you send the most snaps to.

So, they're not your very best Snapchat friend, but you're pretty close.

The sunglasses face

You've both got your sunglasses on because you're basking in the shining light of a shared friend.

This stylish little icon means you have a best friend in common.

Maybe you two are more similar than you think – you could try sending this person a few more snaps than usual to find out.

The smirking face

You've got the upper hand with this one – you're one of their best friends, but they're not one of yours.

Perhaps they deserve a bit more of your attention, or perhaps they're just not getting the message.

The fire

You might not be best friends yet, but you're both warming to one another.

The fire means you're on a Snapstreak – it's seen next to the number of consecutive days you've sent snaps to this friend.

The hourglass

The hourglass means the fire is fading and your Snapstreak is about to end.

So, send another message if you don't want to lose your spark.

The purple box

If this shows up, you've got an insight whether you two are likely to have a natural connection.

That is, if you believe in astrology – this friend's zodiac sign is shown in the purple box.

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The birthday cake

You might want to rush to the shop – it's this friend's birthday today.

If the birthday cake is next to one of your best Snapchat friend's names, they better be inviting you to birthday drinks!

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