What buyers can get for the average house price in every area of the UK

Laura Hamilton discusses rise in house prices

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The average property price in Britain is around £337,371, but how does the price tag compare across the UK? Rightmove has identified the average asking house price in each region to gauge the competition.

In London, the average asking price is £635,585.

Buyers looking for a property in this price range could purchase a three-bed Edwardian Terrace in West Ealing, West London.

In the East of England, where the average asking price is £392,280, prospective buyers could purchase a two-bed period-style cottage in Norwich, Norfolk.

In the North West, average property prices go for around £228,594.

A property in that price range could buy a three-bed terrace in Penrith, Cumbria. 

A home within that price bracket highlighted by Rightmove is a Victorian school conversion, which offers quaint features and is located close to the town centre of Penrith.

In the South West, properties sell for around £350,600.

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For that price, buyers could purchase a three-bed thatched cottage in Blandford Forum, Dorset.

Meanwhile, in the South East, an average property is priced at £448,166.

A property within that price range will provide a four-bed home.

In the West Midlands, where homes sell for around £259,211, buyers can purchase a two-bed thatched cottage in the village of Kempsey for £250,000.

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The average asking price for a property in the North East is around £165,712. 

Is Penshaw Manor buyers could purchase a semi-detached home.

In the East Midlands, with properties priced at £258, 374, a three-bed can be bought in Dunham on Trent in Newark.

In Yorks and Humber, where homes sell for around £219, 692, in that price range, a five-bed home could be purchased in Longwood, Huddersfield.

In the North East, average house prices are £165,712.

That amount will buy a three-bed semi-detached home in Penshaw Manor, Sunderland.

In Wales, the average house price is £236,037. For that price, buyers could expect to purchase a three-bed semi-detached home in Cwmbran Torfaen.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, the average property price is £170,210. A property within that price bracket, which has been highlighted by Rightmove, is a three-bed cottage in Cairndow, Argyll and Bute.

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