Watch as Tesla driver lays across charging bay to save spot after his EV runs flat – but people are divided | The Sun

THIS is the shocking moment a Tesla driver lays across a charging bay to save a spot after his EV runs out of juice, but people have been left divided.

The video was filmed with a mobile phone at an official Tesla charging station in the US.

One of the employees at the Tesla charging station recorded the moment – and took to social media to show users the selfish behaviour of the EV owner.

He wrote a description that reads: "We don’t see this often, but luckily someone from our team was able to assist!"

He explained: "Can you believe a Tesla owner's car died just short of the charger, and when he was given no help on his Model 3, he started laying down in front of a spot to ensure nobody else pulled into it."

The video also shows a man trying to charge his car, but since the owner of the Tesla is lying in the parking space, he is unable to do so.


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The poster continued: "After 15 minutes, however, we jumped in and helped place his car in transport mode, so we could push it back to the spot andplug it in to charge."

The video, uploaded by @grubermotorcompany, has gone viral on TikTok with more than 366,000 views and 427 comments.

However, people in the comments have been left divided after watching the shocking video.

One said: " I would’ve called a tow truck to clear the road or parking lot."

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Another said: "Yes, of course, if I can't have the spot, nobody else will."

While a third pointed out: "Your own fault your car died, then your gonna be selfish about pointing the car in front of him and start pushing. He’ll move when it starts to hurt."

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