Watch as driver slams on brakes in horror as Porsche attempts dangerous overtake on country road | The Sun

A SHOCKING video of a driver slamming on their brakes to avoid a head-on collision has gone viral on social media

The video was uploaded to Reddit and some users are surprised the Porsche driver holds a valid driving licence.

In the video, the Porsche driver attempts to overtake vehicles by moving to the wrong side of the road.

What makes it more dangerous is the fact it's raining and the attempt is made on a blind bend.

Footage from a dash cam in a car making its way in the opposite direction captures the shocking moment the Porsche driver is caught out.

Fortunately, the dash cam car driver was focused on the road and managed to brake hard before hitting the sports car.

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In the end, the car has to move around the Porsche which has stopped and pulled over in shock.

Users on Reddit were outraged by the Porsche driver's overtake.

One user said: "Great reaction. In so many videos people don't use the brakes enough."

Another said: "Why did you stop?

"You had the right of way and the other driver would have been at fault."


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"I'm disappointed you moved around, you should have asserted dominance in your lane," said another.

According to the RAC, drivers can only overtake on the wrong side of the road when the opposite side is sufficiently clear to safely overtake.

Also, drivers need to make sure there is a suitable gap in front of the vehicles they are planning to overtake before moving out to pass.

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