Watch as driver hits cyclist when he 'narrowly' overtakes him – everyone's saying the same thing | The Sun

THIS is the shocking moment a driver hits a cyclist when he “narrowly” overtakes him – and everyone’s got the same reaction.

A cyclist only known as Garry was peddling along a road in Sussex in June when he was stuck by an overtaking vehicle.

Garry considered the incident “potentially so serious” that for the first time he reported it to the cops.

He told "Back in June a motorist collided with me in Sussex. I was sideswiped but managed to stay on, the motorist stopped to apologise but I felt the incident was potentially so serious that for the first time ever I reported it.

"The section of road has a 50mph speed limit and the car was travelling at around that speed so being hit by a wing mirror and feeling the sides of the car move along your arm and leg was a little unsettling."

After he reported the incident, Sussex Police got in touch with him to say: "The driver of the vehicle that hit you has surrendered his licence to DVLA and will no longer be driving."

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"As such it is not in the public interest to prosecute him as he will not receive any points on his licence.

"Likewise a driving course is now not an option as he will no longer be driving. Therefore I will be issuing him a written warning which puts him at fault for the collision."

Garry was happy with the outcome, telling the website it "reflects well on both the driver and the police".

He said: "A driver (not particularly elderly which might normally explain such an action) has acknowledged they are not able to drive to a safe standard and have removed themselves from the road.

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“This is more than I could have hoped for as it achieves more than a few points or a course.”

Many commentators took to Twitter to pick up on just how close the driver was.

One wrote: "This is an extremely hostile motorist and they deserve to lose driving privileges."

Another said: "I have seen cyclists complain and make issues of close passes that weren't really issues, but that is by far the worst pass I have ever seen.

"They shouldn't be on the road passing people like this. Totally shocking."

A third person added: "That is not a near miss! It is an out and out strike and the cyclist was lucky to escape serious injury."

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While a fourth commentator said: “Lucky that it didn’t turn out way worse.

"Well done on the driver for taking this action following it though."

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