Watch as driver collects motor from body repair shop and immediately drives it into two parked cars | The Sun

A DRIVER has been caught on video hitting parked cars despite having just had repair work carried out including parking sensors fitted.

To make it worse, the driver was collecting their car from the very body repair shop in Essex where the work was done.

The video was uploaded to TikTok by the owner of the repair shop Ben Pace, and shows a small car park with eight cars in it on CCTV.

A Renault Clio is reversing out of a space and the shop owner is stood outside seeing them out.

A voice over the video says: "At the body shop after having your car repaired and he's reversed into something."

The Clio continues backwards and the shop owner moves a hoover out of the way to give it space.

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The Clio then pauses steers right and begins to move forward, but slams into a parked BMW 3 Series Touring.

To make it worse, the BMW is owned by Mr Pace's other half.

The shop owner runs around to the front of the Clio with his hands on his head in disbelief.

He looks at the Clio driver with his hands held out as if to ask them what they're doing.

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As he's checking the damage the Clio begins reversing and slams straight into another older Clio behind it.

The shop owner sees the Clio hit the second car and his hands go back to his head – he can't quite believe they've just hit another car.

The Clio driver starts to move away but he tells them to stop and starts to check the second bash for damage.


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The Clio driver then gets out and walks around the car to look for themselves.

People weren't happy with the Clio driver in the comments on the TikTok video.

One said: 'There's a reason it's in the repair shop and I think we now know why.'

Another wrote: 'Some people just shouldn't drive.'

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Asked about what happened, Mr. pace said: "A lovely guy came in a couple of weeks ago after crashing his Mrs' car and damaging the rear end.

“We booked in for this week and when he dropped off asked if we could fit reverse parking sensors.

“We repaired the damage, fitted and tested the sensors and called the customer for collection.

“We normally park the cars outwards for ease of exit but in this case we were caught short because of his quick arrival.

“I was dealing with another appointment so the gentleman paid and one of my guys had handed him his key.

“I stepped away from my customer to thank him for his custom and check he was ok to get out, well there was my mistake.

“He said he’d have no problems so I said I’d see him out.

“The rest is in the CCTV footage, bless him."

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