Washing machine: Simple hack to banish mould and clean machine inside and out

As the coronavirus lockdown continues, many Britons will have time to spend cleaning their property. While tasks such as cleaning the washing machine may be dreaded, it is important to keep a home in order.


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Over the last couple of months, many Britons have been spending a lot of time indoors.

During this time, some homeowners may have started to get round to small jobs in the house.

Dale Gillespie, Head of Acquisition at sofa and carpet specialist ScS, said: “Hygiene has been at the forefront of people’s minds recently and many of us have been using our extra time at home to give it a thorough deep clean.

“It’s more important than ever to tackle dirt and germs.”

If doing a deep clean, experts have shared the best way to scrub up places that are often forgotten.

While there are lots of cleaning products available, knowing the best way to clean can be as important as what you use.

How to clean a washing machine

A washing machine is made for cleaning clothes but it will often need freshened up itself.

When doing this, there are a few different parts that need attention, according to experts at SCS.

They explained: “It’s important to regularly empty and clean the debris filter.

“To do this, locate and unplug the emergency drain tube. This will release any trapped water and should free any debris inside the filter.

“For the main washing machine drum, clean it by occasionally running a hot empty wash.”


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As well as cleaning products, the experts shared how a simple household item could be used to scrub up parts of the machine.

They added: “Don’t forget about the door seal and detergent drawer – a gentle wipe or clean with a toothbrush should be enough.”

Doing this will leave clothes fresher and reduce the chance of mould in the washing machine.

Window cleaning

The experts also shared tips on how to clean windows and leave it sparkling.

“To clean your windows,” they continued, “brush off any dirt and then apply plenty of window cleaning spray, preferably one that sticks to the glass and doesn’t run.

“Wipe the panes using absorbent microfibre cloths or squeegees as these don’t leave streaks.

“Ensure your tools are clean to avoid spreading grime.”

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