Warning for ANYONE with an iPhone – never hand it to someone without checking three things first | The Sun

IF a friend or family member ever asks to see your iPhone, you may want to have certain privacy features turned on.

From locking WhatsApp to disabling your Control Center, the following Apple tricks could save you from an awkward moment.

How to lock WhatsApp on your iPhone

To set this up you need to head to your WhatsApp settings.

Then click "Account" and then "Privacy".

From here, you can switch on "Screen Lock" with either Touch ID or Face ID.

You'll also be able to pick a duration time for when the ID is required again.

Now whenever you go to open the app, it'll ask you for your prints or a picture of your face to check if it's really you reading your private chats.

You can still read and quick reply to messages in your notification window, so the tool isn't foolproof.

You'll also be able to answer WhatsApp calls.

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You can always disable all message previews in your iPhone settings.

Anyone snooping on your phone and trying to bypass the new ID setting on your WhatsApp will see a message that says "WhatsApp Locked. Unlock with FaceID/Touch ID to open WhatsApp"

You'll be asked for a passcode to bypass the whole system after several failed attempts.

How to lock your iPhone Photos

If you're handing your iPhone to someone they could very easily check out your pictures.

Thankfully, there's a clever hack to stop people from using your iPhone's Photos app.

Go into Settings, tap on Screen Time and then choose App Limits and press Add Limit.

Click on Creativity and then choose Photos.

Go through to adding the Limit, and then select a time limit of one minute.

Now when you tap on your Photos app, you'll be told you've reached your limit usage.

Sadly, it's possible to get around this by tapping 'Ignore Limit'.

But there's another trick that adds a passcode requirement for skipping limits.

Go into Screen Time again, scroll down and then choose Use Screen Time Passcode.

This means that someone won't be able to ignore the Screen Time limit unless they know your Passcode.

Using this setting means you'll also have to enter your Passcode when you enter the Photos app.

How to disable Control Center on iPhone lockscreen

Turning off access to your Control Center can stop pals being able to use a sneaky method of snooping on your activities.

The main problem is it can be accessed from the lockscreen and gives access to some iPhone functions – including some notes, control over lights, and even media playback on your TV.

You can disable Control Centre on the lockscreen at any time.

Unlock your iPhone and then go into Settings.

Then tap on Face ID and Passcode – or Touch ID and Passcode if you're using a Home button device.

Enter your passcode if you're asked.

Then scroll down and look for the Control Centre toggle.

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Set the switch to the Off position, so the button is grey and not green.

If you ever change your mind, you can hop back into Settings and re-enable it.

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