VP Harris 'advocating for lawlessness,' Border Patrol union president says

Kamala Harris ‘advocating for lawlessness’ at border: Brandon Judd

National Border Patrol Council president comments on the vice president’s management of the immigration crisis.

The head of the Border Patrol union slammed Vice President Harris on Sunday morning for advocating for migrants and, in turn, “advocating for lawlessness” that has extended into other parts of the country.

Just days after Harris concluded her trip to Latin America – her first foreign trip since taking office – she has faced persistent questions about her decision not to visit the U.S.-Mexico border. To date, neither President Biden nor Harris has visited the border. 

Speaking to Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures,” National Border Patrol Council president Brandon Judd said Harris “can’t go to the border – if she goes to the border, she’s going to be expected to solve this problem.”

“This is a problem that she created. She even came out and said that she’s an advocate for illegal aliens,” Judd said. “She’s supposed to be an advocate for citizens of this country. Yet, she’s coming out and she’s saying that she’s advocating for lawlessness.”

Instead, while Harris was in Guatemala City, she told those thinking of making the journey to the U.S.: “Do not come.”

Judd said Harris’ alleged lax attitude toward lawlessness is “the reason that we’re seeing all of the problems that we’re seeing in cities like Oregon, New York, Chicago.”

He added: “All of this lawlessness is existing because she advocates for lawlessness.”

Earlier this week, immigration officials said border agents made 180,034 apprehensions on the Mexican border in May. There were 178,854 a month earlier. 

Total encounters are near 20-year-highs, though they aren’t directly comparable because expulsions under pandemic-related powers that deny an opportunity to seek asylum carry no legal consequences, encouraging people to make repeated attempts.

Judd also told Bartiromo that the immigration crisis is “a man-made disaster, and it’s a disaster that was, that’s been made by this current administration.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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