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A DODGY app with over a million downloads is giving Android users a bit of a headache.

The newly discovered adware, disguised as a PDF reader, serves up pesky full-screen ads that pop up at random.

According to cyber security firm Malwarebytes, which identified the nasty download, the ads po up even if the app is not being used.

That makes it very difficult to identify and remove the source of the pop-ups, which users are bombarded with frequently.

Each time an ad is shown, the crooks behind the app make a small amount of cash.

Those earnings could add up to a lot of money if over a million people have downloaded the phoney software.

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Once installed, the app, called "PDF reader – documents viewer", sounds a charm whenever the infected phone is locked.

When the phone's owner unlocks it to see what all the fuss is about, it serves up an annoying full page.

After the first ad is displayed, another ad in the form of a video follows shortly afterwards.

After these initial annoyances, ads start to come more frequently.

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The app's creators cleverly designed it to help it evade capture, Malwarebytes' Nathan Collier wrote.

"It takes a couple of hours before the PDF app will display ads.

"This long delay is in order to make it harder to track down which app is causing the ads.

"For example, full screen ads displaying immediately after install would likely result in quick a uninstall."

The app has been available on the Google Play Store since November 2021.

According to its listing, it has over a million downloads.

Adware earns crooks a quick buck by displaying multiple, obnoxious online adverts on someone's phone without their consent.

The software is typically disguised as a useful app on the Google Play Store to hide its nefarious purpose.

Google has banned such apps from its store and has checks in place to block adware and other malicious downloads from appearing there.

However, plenty still slip through the cracks, with hundreds if not thousands making their way onto the store each year.

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To avoid getting caught out, make sure your Andriod software is up-to-date and think twice before you click a download.

It's also worth performing a manual virus scan on downloaded files before you open them.

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