Universal Credit UK: The simple way to calculate what you are entitled to receive

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Universal Credit has been claimed by millions of people who have needed an extra financial helping hand. The payment is designed to simplify the benefits system in the UK by providing one payment to those entitled every month. To unlock eligibility for the benefit, a person in most cases must be 18 or over, but under state pension age and resident in Britain.

They must also have less than £16,000 between them and any potential partner to make a claim.

Universal Credit is overseen by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) who serve as the first port of call for any questions or queries relating to payment.

However, many people will be looking to be more autonomous with the sum they ultimately receive.

As such, having an understanding of the payment can help Britons budget, as well as ensure they have received the correct amount at the right time.

Thankfully, though, there is an easy way for claimants to gain further insight into their benefit sum.

Benefits calculators can prove useful for those who want more information about their entitlement.

An independent benefits calculator can help Britons find out the following:

  • what benefits they may be entitled to
  • how these benefits can be claimed
  • how these benefits will be affected if starting work

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The government website explains: “Benefits calculators are free to use, anonymous, and have replaced the Benefits Adviser service.”

And there are a number of options on offer for Britons to choose from.

Organisations such as entitledto, Turn2Us, and Policy in Practice all offer information on Universal Credit amongst other benefits to help those claiming.

When using a benefits calculator, there is certain information a person will need at hand.

This includes details on income, savings, existing benefits and pensions, regular outgoings and information concerning a council tax bill.

The benefits calculator will then put in the hard work, attempting to give claimants an accurate representation of how much they need to receive.

However, if a person is looking for further confirmation, they can reach out to the DWP to find out more. 

The amount of Universal Credit a person will ultimately receive is dependent upon their circumstances.

Universal Credit is made up of a standard monthly allowance, and then any extra amounts which may apply to a person.

The standard allowance is based upon a person’s age and relationship status, and the payment amounts have been laid out on the government website.

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Single people who are under the age of 25 are entitled to receive £342.72 a month from the government’s coffers.

But older single people, those over 25, will get £409.89 per month in standard allowance.

For people who are in a couple where both are under the age of 25, the amount set aside per month is £488.59 to split between them.

And finally, those who are in a couple where either are over 25 will receive £594.04 for them both.

Additional amounts are granted to those who are eligible, and who fit into certain circumstances.

These include raising children, having a disability or health condition which prevents a person from working, and needing additional help with the rent.

In this case, it is likely the benefits calculator will provide further insight and help people to truly understand their circumstances.

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