Universal Credit UK: How to get money on the day you claim – eligibility explained

Universal Credit pays an income which is dependent on the household’s circumstances. While the amounts paid will vary, claimants will get certain allowances as a minimum.


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Single claimants will receive a monthly standard allowance of £342.72 if they’re under 25.

Single claimants older than this will receive £409.89.

Couples will get £488.59 for both if they’re under 25, with older couples getting £594.04.

While some people may be able to tide themselves over during the initial delay, others may need to request an advance.

Claimants who need to cover their bills while they wait can apply for an advance.

This advance payment could be as high as the first official payment.

To apply for this advance the claimant will need to:

  • Explain why they need it
  • Verify their identity
  • Provide bank details for the payment

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Worried claimants will likely be reassured very quickly as the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) will usually confirm if the person will get an advance on the day they apply.

If the advance is awarded, the money will come through within three working days.

If the claimant needs the money sooner than this, they can ask the DWP to pay it on the same day if they have no other money to live on.

It should be noted that the advance will need to be paid back, lowering future payments in the process.


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Claimants will start paying back the advances from their very first official payment.

They will be able to choose how many months they pay the advance back over.

This will provide some control over the repayments but the total must be repaid within a year.

While an advance is a type of loan, no interest is added onto it.

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