Universal Credit UK: Claimants may be affected by payment change next month – this is why

Universal Credit is currently overseen by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). The government body is responsible for ensuring eligible people receive their entitlement at the correct times. Claimants can expect to receive their Universal Credit payment monthly, although for some people who live in Scotland, payment is issued fortnightly.


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To be eligible for Universal Credit, a number of circumstances must apply.

A person must be over the age of 18, but under State Pension age to be entitled.

They must also live in the UK, and have less than £16,000 between themselves and any partner.

While Universal Credit sums differ, there is a standard payment which is issued by the DWP to all those on the benefit.

This standard monthly allowance is based on a person’s age and relationship status.

Single people under the age of 25 can expect to receive £342.72 per month, with older single people receiving £409.89.

For those in a couple where both are under 25, the entitlement is £488.59, but where either one is 25 or over, the sum currently stands at £594.04 for the pair.

Many on Universal Credit, however, can expect to receive additional amounts for children, disabilities, or housing support.

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However, there is a temporary change which is occurring next month that is likely to prove important to note for many claimants.

Some claimants will be paid their Universal Credit sum at an earlier date, due to the August Bank Holiday.

This year, the Bank Holiday falls on Monday, August 31, so those who are due to be paid on this date should keep an eye out.

Those who are expecting to be paid on this date, however, should be happy to note they are likely to receive their payment at an earlier date.


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The DWP has said payments will instead be paid on the working day prior to this.

In this instance, payments should hit a person’s account of choice on Friday, August 28.

For those who are new to the Universal Credit system, as many are due to the financial effects of COVID-19, there are a few rules to get to grips with.

Perhaps most notably is the five week rule, which means a wait until a person receives their first Universal Credit payment. 

This time frame is made up of a one-month assessment period and up to seven days for the payment to reach the account.

During this time, it is possible for claimants to request an advance payment.

This advance, which can be up to 100 percent of an estimated first Universal Credit payment, will be in a person’s bank account within three working days.

However, it is important to realise this must be eventually paid back.

As a standard guide, claimants will have to pay their advance back to the DWP within 12 months.

This is subtracted each month from a Universal Credit payment until the repayment is met. 

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