Universal Credit payment date: When will Universal Credit be paid for August bank holiday?

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In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, the next bank holiday will be held on Monday, August 30. Read on to find out how the bank holiday could affect Universal Credit payments.

When is Universal Credit paid?

Universal Credit payments are usually paid on the same date of every month.

However, if a payment date falls on a weekend, the benefit will usually be paid out on the working day before.

The Government guidance states: “After the first payment, you’ll be paid on the same date of every month.

“If your payment date is on a weekend, you’ll be paid on the working day before.

“You’ll get a monthly statement that tells you how much Universal Credit you’re going to get.

“Call the helpline straight away if your payment does not arrive on time.”

How much someone receives in Universal Credit payments will depend on their personal circumstances.

The standard allowances for Universal Credit are as follows:

  • Single and under 25 – £344
  • Single and 25 or over – £411.51
  • In a couple and you’re both under 25 – £490.60 (for you both)
  • In a couple and either of you are 25 or over – £596.58 (for you both)

There are extra monthly amounts available for people with a disability or health conditions.

Universal Credit claimants can also get extra money if they have children.

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When will Universal Credit be paid out over the August bank holiday?

If a claimant’s benefit payment is due to be paid on a bank holiday, it will usually be paid out earlier.

People who would usually get their Universal Credit payment on the bank holiday of Monday, August 30 may expect to see it paid on the working day before.

This means claimants should be paid on Friday, August 27 instead of August 30 for that month.

The change of payment date for August should be automatically processed.

Although the payment will be made early, Universal Credit claimants should get paid the same amount as they usually do.

But it is important to factor in the early payment when budgeting for the month ahead.

It is worth noting that other benefits may also be paid out early if the claimant’s regular payment date falls on the bank holiday.

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