Undecided Murkowski finds out Tanden tweeted mean things about her through a reporter

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Neera Tanden may have botched her last shot to direct the Office of Management and Budget through an old tweet she forgot to delete about Sen. Lisa Murkowski.

“No offense but this sounds like you’re high on your own supply,” Tanden tweeted to the Alaska Republican in 2017, after Murkowski tweeted support for the 2017 tax cuts. “You know, we know, and everyone knows this is all garbage. Just stop.” 

“High on my own supply, that’s interesting should I ask her? My own supply of what?” Murkowski said as Washington Post reporter Seung Min Kim showed her the tweet. 

“See that goes to show how much homework I still have to do on her if I didn’t even know that she had sent out a tweet about me,” Murkowski said. 

Asked if the tweet affected her view of Tanden, Murkowski replied: “I was trying to look at competence, but apparently I’m going to have to do more looking into what she thinks about me.

“You know, I suggested to the White House that my colleagues were being very critical of the statements, and rightly so, I think some of them were clearly over the top. It seems that in this world, we’ve kind of gotten numb to derogatory tweets. I don’t think that that is, that’s a model that we want to set for anybody, whether it’s a nominee, whether it’s a president, or whether it’s a senator — so I’d like us all to cool that,” she continued. 

Murkowski said the White House had offered to make Tanden available for a sit-down.

Confirmation prospects for Tanden, President Biden’s embattled OMB nominee, are hanging by a thread due to her record of divisive remarks after Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., announced he would not vote to confirm Tanden, a longtime Democrat policy advisor and president of the Center for American Progress. 

The Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee (HSGAC) and Budget Committees postponed planned business meetings Wednesday where they were supposed to vote on Tanden, throwing her confirmation further into doubt by the cancellation of the two committee votes. 

Without Manchin’s vote, the White House would need to court at least one Republican vote to push through Tanden. Sens. Susan Collins, Maine, Mitt Romney, Utah, Rob Portman, Ohio, and Shelley Capito, W.Va., have all signaled to the White House to look elsewhere. Murkowski is the only Republican to leave the door open on Tanden.


Even if Murkowski did agree to vote for Tanden, Sens. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., and Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., have not yet said how they’ll vote. Sinema is known for bucking her party on some matters, and Sanders was a frequent punching bag for Tanden when she worked as a policy adviser for Hillary Clinton.  

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