TV licence explained: Are you eligible for a £159 refund? How to apply

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Television licences are required to watch live broadcasts or to stream live content on streaming services. On top of this it is also needed to download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer as licence fee money goes towards the public broadcaster. While the BBC is in charge of managing the licence fee, the Government is responsible for setting up any discounts.

For one property, a single licence can cover all television sets, computers, laptops, phones, tablets and any other devices with a TV signal.

However, households may be eligible to apply for a refund on their TV licence under specific circumstances.

As it stands, the full price of a colour television licence is £159 for households and businesses.

A discounted rate is given to those who use black and white TV sets at £53.50, or half price is offered for those who are blind.

This means that if an individual who paid the full licence fee price were to receive a refund, they could get up to £159 for the year back.

A refund applicant can ask for a refund on their television licence if they will not need it again before its expiration date.

As well as this, the claimant must also have at least one complete month left on it in order to successfully receive a refund this way.

Furthermore, the television body explained how it works out the eligibility for each person when it comes to TV licence refunds.

Those who are looking to apply for the refund will not need to work out how much they are owed as this will be done for them by TV Licensing, the organisation which manages the licence fee.

The body tells applicants to complete the online refund form which can be found on its website.

Claimants must include the name on their TV Licence, address and postcode as part of their application.

On top of this, applicants should also include the date from when they no longer need the licence within the application.

On its website, TV Licensing states: “Working out precise refund amounts can be complicated.

“But we will do it for you. We’ll look carefully at the information you give us and let you know if we can offer you a refund, and how much it will be.”

Furthemore, the television body explained how it works out the eligibility for each person when it comes to TV licence refunds.

TV Licensing added: “Any refund due is calculated in unused months. You must have at least one complete month left on your licence that you won’t need before it expires.

“So you could get a refund for between one and 11 months, depending on how long you have left on your licence.

“You won’t be eligible for a refund if there is less than one month between the cancellation date and the expiry date.

“If you haven’t paid for your licence in full, its expiry date may be changed to reflect what you’ve paid.”

Further information on applying for a television licence refund can be found on the TV Licensing website.

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