TV Licence discounts available to Britons – reduce your BBC bill by 50%

Jeremy Vine panelist criticises removal of free TV licences

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In order to watch live television or record programmes as they are broadcasted, a TV licence is needed in the UK. On top of this, a licence is also needed to watch or stream live programming on an online TV service, such as BBC iPlayer or Sky Go. As the country’s public broadcaster, the BBC is responsible for dealing with the administration of collecting TV licence fees.

However, the Government is responsible for setting the specific discounts which are made available to certain groups of people.

One of these groups is people who are registered as legally blind who are able to claim a 50 percent concession on their television licence bill.

Some two million people are living with some form of sight loss across the UK, according to official statistics from the NHS.

Of this wider group, around 360,000 are registered as blind or partially sighted, with the former being able to claim the half price discount.

A discount television licence for a blind person costs £79.50 for colour, and £26.75 for a black and white TV licence.

In comparison, if someone were to pay the full price, the price of a TV licence in the UK is £159 for a colour licence and £53.50 for a black and white licence.

However, in order to qualify for this concession, claimants will need to submit evidence that they are legally blind.

Evidence includes documentation such as a Certificate of Visual Impairment (CVI) or a BD8 Certificate.

Furthermore, letters from an eye surgeon confirming the diagnosis of blindness or a certificate from someone’s Local Authority will also be sufficient.

Once this evidence has been submitted as part of the discount application, it will not need to be sent over again while renewing a licence.

It should be noted that those who are registered as either partially sighted or visually impaired will not qualify for the discount.

Any applicants who live with someone who is registered as fully blind will be able to apply for the concession.

Anyone who owns a television licence, but does not have it in the name of the person who is blind, will need to transfer the licence into their name to qualify for the discount.

In order to do this, claimants will need to fill out a first time blind application, which can be done on the TV licensing website.

During the application process, claimants will need to enter their existing TV Licence number for their address.

Applicants must send out their completed form, a cheque payment for the fee and a photocopy of their evidence as part of their application.

All documents must be delivered to this address:

Further information on applying for a discount on your television licence can be found on the TV Licensing website.

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