Trey Gowdy: America's 'beauty and uniqueness' is her relentless pursuit of the impossible

Trey Gowdy: We are in a perpetual search for a more perfect union

‘Sunday Night in America’ host shares an Independence Day message

Sunday Night in America” host Trey Gowdy encouraged viewers to reflect on where we are as a country and where we aspire to be when celebrating Independence Day this year.

“July 4 is the ideal time to note the difference between what we aspire to be and the realities of where we are,” Gowdy said in his opening monologue.

“The Declaration of Independence was the ideal. The Constitution was an effort to turn the ideal into a government. And I do reflect on what could have been had we taken the majesty of that clause, all men are created equal and fully turned it into our governing document. But even in that governing document, America acknowledged two things: Number one, we are in a perpetual search for a more perfect union. Number two, while truth does not change, our Constitution could and should and would be amended to better reflect that truth America set for itself, the highest goal, the highest aspiration and when you set truth as your ideal, and seek a perfect union, you will oftentimes find both out of reach,” he continued. 

Gowdy praised America for setting out to achieve the “impossible,” despite encountering what he termed “hard” and “messy” obstacles along the way.

“That is the beauty and uniqueness of America. We set a goal that is so hard to reach because truth is the only goal worth setting,” he said, “and I would rather be a country that strove for the impossible than a country that settled for what is easy, there is nothing easy about democracy. It is hard. It can be messy, we’re not a perfect country because there is no such thing. But we’re a good people, constantly striving to be a perfect union of people.”

“So happy birthday, America. You have gone from a band of revolutionaries who believed in self-rule to the greatest experiment in self-governance the world has ever known,” he said. 

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