Top 10 jobs around the home to avoid – ‘need a professional’

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When it comes to jobs around the home, there are some things you shouldn’t try yourself, especially when 47 percent of Britons have had a DIY disaster, according to Checkatrade. If you’re unqualified, it can put you and others in danger, and it could even invalidate home insurance, leaving you with a hefty repair cost. Checkatrade has shared a list of 10 jobs you should completely avoid doing at home, including fixing a gas leak.

1. Fixing a gas leak

The expert said: “In fact, anything to do with gas. You must legally be on the Gas Safe Register to deal with any gas appliances. Attempting to fix anything gas related can have serious effects on your health and the safety of others.

“Not to mention there is the potential risk of an explosion”. Britons also should avoid touching anything electrical unless they are qualified in the trade.”

2. Removing asbestos

According to the experts, asbestos is very dangerous, so removing it is best left to the professionals. The pros at Checkatrade said: “Asbestos comes with serious health risks.

“So much so that in 1999, the dangers of asbestos were officially recognised in the UK. All use of asbestos was banned.

“To have it removed, you will need a qualified surveyor to carry out an inspection. This costs around £200 and they will identify the type of asbestos in your home and any associated risks.”

3. Fitting a new bath

Whether you’re upgrading an entire bathroom, or just looking to update it slightly, the installation of a new tub is definitely a job to be left to the professionals.

According to the experts, many DIY installations have resulted in the bath not being sealed correctly, leading to “severe leaks”. Another DIY fail is the tub not being secured in place, so it ends up moving around or falling through the floor.

4. Knocking down an internal wall

The Checkatrade experts continued: “Knocking down an internal wall is a great way to open up your living space and create a free-flowing area to enjoy. But knocking down an internal wall is not a DIY job, so don’t start swinging your sledgehammer around. This wall could be load-bearing.

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“If you attempt to knock down a load-bearing wall without any steel reinforcement, it will result in your ceilings falling through, and whatever is above it coming down too. Let’s face it, no one wants that.”

5. Foundation work

The foundations are undoubtedly the most important part of the structure, and if they’re going, it could lead to several different problems down the line.

According to the pros, good foundations are a lot more than just digging a hole and pouring some concrete in, it needs to be exactly right.

6. Window installation

The experts said: “A poorly fitted window leads to lots of problems including injury, reduces home efficiency, lack of security, legal and insurance ramifications and a poor finish.

“Avoid these risks and work with a professional window fitter.” Having secure windows is extremely important as it becomes less appealing to criminals. Getting them done by a professional can also help to reduce the amount of mould and mildew.

7. Tree removal

Cutting down a tree is dangerous work, especially when you don’t know what you’re doing. The Checkatrade pros added: “Although there’s a risk of falling from a height, there’s also the risk of being hit by debris.

“Even if the falling debris misses you, other people, houses and vehicles nearby may not be so lucky. A professional tree surgeon will know exactly how to control the removal of your tree.

“They have the experience, they have the tools, and they know how best to cut a tree of any size. Even better, they will remove your tree much quicker than you would yourself.”

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8. Electrical work

Similar to gas work, electrical work requires highly qualified professionals to take on the job, due to safety reasons. Incorrect or unsafe wiring is dangerous.

It is also a massive fire risk and could electrocute you, a member of your family, or guests. 

9. Roof installation and repairs

The experts continued: “Your roof protects you from the elements, but only if it has been installed or repaired correctly. Keeping it watertight and making sure there are no leaks is so important.

“A damaged roof can lead to a multitude of problems in your home, from damp, leaking ceilings to severe structural damage. Patching it up yourself can be dangerous without the correct safety equipment.”

There is also the risk DIYers won’t patch up the roof correctly, allowing the damage to worsen over time.

10. Pest infestations

Spotting a pest inside the home can be immediately worrying, and make you want to deal with the situation as soon as possible. However, pest control specialists can have the home cleared of rodents as soon as possible.

The experts said prices usually start at around £133 to have mice and rats removed. Pest controllers can also remove bedbugs, cockroaches and ants.

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