TIER founder started multimillion pound business in his parents’ basement

Entrepreneur Holly Tucker recalls ‘risking it all’

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In less than three years of business, TIER has launched in 150 cities worldwide and is leading the European market, but its young CEO shared the years of dedication it took to get to this point. Mr Leuschner shared his journey exclusively with Express.co.uk, from his parents’ basement in 2011 to a multinational company.

Mr Leuschner started his first business at the age of 22, launching a website from his parents’ basement originally named Trade-a-game. 

Later renamed reBuy, Mr Leuschner home-made marketplace went on to become one of Europe’s largest and it seemed he was destined for entrepreneurial success. 

With reBuy making a comfortable $150million (£111million) in sales, and after 15 years of dedication to his business, Mr Leuschner desperately sought a break away in which he travelled the world over the course of 18 months. 

The life-changing journey had an impact on him as he realised the extent of climate change and the impact it was having. 

Deciding to educate himself on the topic, Mr Leuschner realised that transport and mobility were “at the heart of our global warming problem”.

He continued: “I knew that, through green entrepreneurship, I could create an alternative way for people to travel in their cities, pushing them away from congestion and pollution, and introducing them to decarbonised, electric transport.”

In late 2018, Mr Leuschner launched his solution to this problem: TIER.  

The E-scooters have been launched across the world and can often be spotted in London, and it has been the first business in the sector to go climate-neutral. 

“Given the climate crisis we are facing, I also felt there was no time to wait. If I was going to make a difference, I had to act,” Mr Leuschner explained. 

Since launching in 2018, TIER has flooded 15 countries and over 150 cities, but Mr Leuschner noted that this rapid growth and expansion did have its drawbacks.

“In the first half of 2019, TIER was growing so quickly that our expansion managers were working at cosmic speed, developing cities whilst trying to launch others. We decided that we needed to put our foot on the brakes and take more care of what we had so far, by hiring the right people, improving our e-scooters and making our operations more efficient.”

He added that treating problems like these and other smaller mistakes like a learning curve has enabled TIER to become a mainstream competitor despite its short time in existence.

“It’s a constant challenge but we’ve learned a lot and found the best way of operating to keep everyone happy.”

The serial entrepreneur has also pledged his entire stake in TIER to the climate mission through his other start-up Blue Impact Ventures. 

Blue Impact supports green tech entrepreneurs with sustainable visions and businesses, which Mr Leuschner believes will be the individuals who solve the climate crisis. 

He commented: “Entrepreneurship is disruptive to industries, bringing new and transformative solutions to worn-out problems. If we’re going to solve our climate issues, we need entrepreneurship to do it.”

Mr Leuschner shared his three top tips for other budding entrepreneurs:

“One –  Try to see the whole thing as an adventure. 

“Two –  Accept criticism and feedback, but don’t let it get you down, because you are the one writing the story.

“Three – Enjoy the ride.”

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