‘This works’ How to effectively clean headphones and the case without damaging them

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AirPods are a staple of modern living, but clean them incorrectly and you may end up with broken ones. TikTok creator @jessicahaizman took to the social media platform to share her top hacks for cleaning these wireless earbuds.

She started off by showing viewers a grubby pair of AirPods filled with a buildup of earwax.

“If you want to learn how to clean your AirPods quickly and easily, stick around.”

She outlined the cleaning equipment needed for the job, most of which AirPod owners can find at home.

“First you need to grab your AirPods, Sticky Tack, toothpicks and a microfibre cloth.”

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Jessica gave a warning: “Throughout the entire process you want to make sure that you’re not pushing anything into the speakers but rather picking it out.”

Demonstrating the process, the cleaning enthusiast started by taking a toothpick to remove as much earwax as possible.

“I then mould the Sticky Tack [around the speaker of the AirPod] and push firmly and evenly and hold for about five seconds.

“This will get that last little bit of earwax and dirt that the toothpick couldn’t reach.”

A packet of Sticky Tack is available on Amazon for just £1.10.

The viral video has amassed an astonishing one million likes so far, with almost 80,000 TikTok users saving the tip for future reference.

@renglede said: “I need this.”

@alessia.seri added: “THANK YOU THIS WORKS!!!”

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As for the AirPods case, fellow cleaning enthusiast @neat.caroline revealed how she removes gunk successfully.

Caroline swears by Isopropyl Alcohol.

A 100ml bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol can be purchased on Amazon for £3.99.

With a clean rag, this can be used to disinfect the outside of the case.

Next, Caroline instructed people to remove the AirPods from the case and use a Q-tip dipped in the alcohol to “remove the debris” from the inside of the case.

In the final step, the cleaning enthusiast used a dry Q-tip to remove any dirt from the hollowed out section where the AirPods sit.

As for the AirPods themselves, Caroline suggested using the same Isopropyl Alcohol to wipe them down.

However, she added a warning, telling AirPod users to avoid using alcohol on the speakers.

When asked if there are any substitutes for the alcohol, @neat.caroline replied: “You can use a damp cloth too! Won’t disinfect them but should still help clear off any grime.”

However, she advised against nail polish remover, as it can “strip the white coating or even turn them yellow”.

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