This Singaporean prefab tiny home maker says 70% of its units are shipped to the US — see inside its upcoming $21,000 'Legend One' offering

  • Nestron will be manufacturing the Legend One, an eco friendly $21,500 tiny home with artificial intelligence systems and a bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom.
  • For $12,500 more, the 167.92-square foot home — which is currently available for pre-order — can come fully furnished and move-in ready.
  • The Legend tiny home lineup was designed to appeal to the traditional tiny home customer that's drawn to container or cabin homes.
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Nestron will be manufacturing the Legend One, an eco-friendly $21,500 tiny home with artificial intelligence systems.

The company, which was founded three years ago, currently has two tiny home "series" in its product lineup: the Legend and the Cube, both with differing exterior appearances but similar interior amenities, like eco-friendly components and an artificial intelligence system.

The Cube tiny homes — which is currently the company's most popular series — were designed to appear "futuristic," according to its maker. To contrast this modern, spaceship-like look, the Legend series was created to appeal to the conventional tiny home crowd.

"The decision to design Legend series was because we want to cater to clients who are interested in traditional container or cabin-style tiny houses," Choco Toh of Nestron's marketing team told Business Insider in an email interview.

According to Nestron, the company created the "whole-house assembly line" that allows it to ship prefabricated tiny homes around the world.

However, like most companies around the world, Nestron was negatively affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

While production wasn't impacted too heavily, many of the company's once Singapore-based employees left the country amid the pandemic, dispersing workers across several time zones and subsequently reducing Nestron's manpower, according to Toh.

Despite this setback, Nestron has seen a growing customer base amid these troubling times.

"[Our customers] need something that is affordable, convenient, and mobile-friendly, which is what Nestron provides," Toh wrote. "Our products are built to create distance which complies with the new normal social distancing [while still keeping] our clients in a safe community."

As of now, 70% of Nestron's clients are made up of people in the tiny home community in the US, ranging from young to old.

As a result of this mostly US-based clientele, the company is now "working with a few parties … to set a local distributor as soon as possible," according to Toh.

The design of the Legend One emphasizes an appreciation of the outdoors by creating an exterior appearance that blends into nature, and including several tempered windows throughout the interior for more natural light and views.

This appreciation for nature is also reflected in the tiny home's eco friendly amenities and parts. Like all of Nestron's homes, the Legend One uses several components to make tiny living more green, such as rain water collection and the option for solar power and electric heating.

According to Nestron, 90% of the company's tiny homes are recyclable and made of planet friendly materials.

The production of the tiny home uses 1% of the water that's needed to build a typical house, all while consuming less coal, brick, and concrete. And because the tiny living unit is foundation-less, it won't leave a heavy mark on the environment that it's placed on. 

In total, the Legend One stands at 17.06 feet long, 9.84 feet wide, and 9.19 feet tall.

Nestron used a warm color scheme around the interior to make the home feel cozy, according to the company. But on the exterior — which comes in multiple color options — the Legend One, and other Nestron homes, is painted with fluorocarbon to create a durable exterior color that could last over 15 years.

The tiny home's layout is similar to that of a studio apartment with its living room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom all inside the 167.92-square foot space.

Customers can also optionally select a fully furnished unit, which means the Legend One can be shipped move-in ready.

This includes a kitchen with a stovetop hood and sink, a living room with a dining table and couch, and a bathroom with a shower, towel rack, and a sink.

The bedroom is also furnished with a bed frame, closet, and bar-style seating space, the latter of which could be helpful for digital nomads or those who are still working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic.

Just because the home is small, doesn't mean it isn't safe: Nestron's insulated tiny homes are earthquake, typhoon, termite, fire, and humidity resistant.

The unit also sits on a lightweight galvanized steel structure that won't rust for over 15 years, according to its maker. This lighter weight also makes it easier to move.

Nestron has also jumped on the trend of integrating artificial intelligence programs into homes by creating Canny, an AI system.

In the future, Nestron says Canny will be able to complete tasks like brew the perfect cup of coffee and automatically adjust chair heights to the homeowner's preference.

But as of now, the system — which is still in its prototype phase — is able to discern the occupant's voice to listen to commands, as well as control the lights based on where people inside the home are. 

Customers can select between the $21,500 Legend One Lite, or the $34,000 Legend One Standard.

Both include components like electrical wiring and water systems, but only the Legend One Standard has storage, a bed frame, a kitchen and its countertop, and furniture.

According to Toh, this price range is the tiny home's most popular feature.

"We keep the product value for money and guarantee the product to be high in quality," Toh wrote. "That is what attracted our client base in the first place."

"We want to fulfill our vision of providing a place to call home for people all around the world, thus we have to make housing affordable but still high in quality," Toh continued.

The tiny Legend One is available for pre-order, and Nestron is currently looking into beginning the manufacturing process for a Legend One model.

When complete, the home can be shipped to the US in around three months from production to finish.

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