This new luxury $265,000 RV trailer was designed for pandemic traveling with pet-friendly features and anti-COVID-19 measures

  • Luxury travel trailer maker Bowlus has unveiled its new $265,000 Terra Firma edition.
  • The trailer comes with amenities for pets and health-oriented features like water and air filters.
  • Bowlus’ sales inquiries went up 4.5 times in 2020, and the company is still seeing growth.
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Bowlus has unveiled the latest Terra Firma edition travel trailer that’s been upgraded with pet-friendly features and anti-COVID-19 measures.

Road travel has become immensely popular during the coronavirus pandemic. In order to reel in this boom of customers, the Neiman-Marcus-approved luxury trailer maker has considered ways to cater its trailers to current trends, such as the rise in remote work. 

Now, Bowlus has unveiled its latest Terra Firma edition travel trailer with features that target the virus and a specific pandemic-related trend: the rise in pet ownership. The $265,000 tiny home on wheels is now available for pre-order, and the trailer will be available starting 2022. 

“As we enter into the spring and summer, we’ve seen even more demand for Bowlus,” the Bowlus team told Insider in an email interview. “This was the right time to release our new product.” 

Keep scrolling to see inside the pooch-friendly trailer:

Like other road travel vehicle makers, Bowlus has seen an increase in interest during COVID-19.

According to the Bowlus team, sales inquiries went up 4.5 times last year, and the company is still seeing increasing interest.

However, popularity isn't necessarily new for the luxury travel trailer maker: the company has always had a waitlist for its builds.

As of now, Bowlus is already taking orders for next year and beyond.

Now, moving on to the trailer.

The limited-edition unit keeps Bowlus' classic aluminum teardrop shape.

According to its maker, the shiny exterior takes 100 hours to polish. "

"The Terra Firma edition continues the Bowlus tradition of bringing new technologies to the RV industry without adding more technology for technology's sake," Geneva Long, founder and CEO of Bowlus, said in the news release announcing the Terra Firma.

Some of this new tech includes a "smart brake controller" for smoother braking …

…and a touch screen panel that displays the maker's exclusive "power management system" that can also be maintained through a cell phone.

The power management system can control different services, like the trailer's heated floors.

The Terra Firma edition also has a GPS tracking device and a hitch setup that allows for quick and easy hitching.

Health-conscious travelers will be happy to see the trailer's HEPA air filters, UVC lights for disinfecting, and water filter system.

According to Bowlus, the California wildfires and COVID-19 inspired the company to include these additions.

The Terra Firma is powered by a battery with 8-kilowatt-hours of power, sustaining the trailer off-grid for up to two weeks.

The unit also has several features designed to appease any traveling pet, such as a dog bed and a designated drawer that holds the water and food bowls.

The interior can also be temperature controlled to make sure any pets left inside won't freeze or overheat.

"Many of our owners have always sought to travel on their terms, and that of course includes their four-legged family members," the Bowlus team wrote.

If you're looking for a place to hold your pet's food, you can check the trailer's multiple storage units, which include closets, cabinets, and drawers.

Besides the dog bed, the Terra Firma — which can accommodate up to four people — has several sleeping spaces for humans as well.

The bedroom has twin beds that can convert into a king bed …

… and an en suite bathroom, which houses the shower, vanity medicine cabinet, mirror, and sink.

If the bedroom isn't enough, the sofa and armchairs in the living and dining room can convert into two separate beds.

Moving on, the kitchen is equipped with a two-burner stove, faucet, refrigerator-freezer, and microwave for all your cooking needs.

Prefer cooking outside? There's also an outdoor kitchen space with electric and propane outlets.

If you plan on towing the 3,200-pound trailer with an electric vehicle, these outlets can also be used to semi-charge your EV.

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