The time-saving laundry blunders that can leave your clothes smelling damp

Top tips for drying your laundry indoors

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Doing multiple loads of laundry can not only be a time-consuming chore, but it is also likely to drive up your bills during the ongoing energy crisis. However, some common time-saving methods could be the reason why your freshly washed clothes may be plagued by the distinct stench of damp.

Experts from large home appliance brand Beko have revealed the top washing and drying errors you might be doing which might be the source of the problem.

The musty, damp smell of improperly dried clothes is caused by a fungus called mildew.

In some cases, the dark and damp interior of washing machines makes it a perfect place for mildew and other distinct smelling bacteria to grow. This then clings to the fabrics of your laundry load.

However, in other cases, damp clothes simply smell that way because they haven’t been able to dry properly.

So what can you do to eliminate the risk of damp smells?

Don’t overfill your washing machine

With energy bills on the rise, it can be tempting to try and get all of your laundry done in one load.

However, overpacking your machine can result in an inefficient clean, and the dreaded smell of damp.

Beko’s expert said: “Overfilling your washing machine can leave your clothes wetter when you take them out, increasing drying time quite significantly.

“To combat this, make sure you are not exceeding the designated capacity of your washing machine.”

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Avoid overpacking your drying rack

Damp can also thrive during the drying process, especially if garments do not have enough fresh airflow.

The Beko expert said: “Trying to save time and effort by piling all your wet laundry on the rack will not make it dry any quicker.

“If anything, it will leave your laundry smelling of damp and your ironing pile higher than usual.

“Spacing your washing out and giving your clothes the room they need will not only reduce drying time but will also prevent that horrible damp smell.”

You can also avoid the smell of damp by improving the airflow reaching your laundry.

Beko added: “When you’ve hung your clothes up to dry, open a window or door for 15 minutes to increase ventilation and let that fresh air blow through your house.”

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Try not to dry clothes in a humid room

During the winter months, opening a window is simply not an option for some people and with the rising cost of energy bills, you might be reluctant to let any heat escape from your home.

Beko’s expert said: “Instead of opening a window to remove moisture from the air, consider purchasing a dehumidifier to quickly dry your clothes, whilst also avoiding losing precious heat on those chillier days.”

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