The three secrets for success in investing: A beginner’s guide to investing in 2022

Barclays expert on possible long term growth from investing

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A few years ago business school professor Maria Nedeva didn’t know a thing about money and was drowning in £100,000 worth of debt. Now she helps others make the most of their money by investing – here she shares the secrets of her success.

Maria runs The Money Principle: a personal finance website where she teaches people how to build sustainable wealth and has some great tips for investing for beginners.

Although she’s an expert now, it took a personal money crisis for her to first become debt-free and then work on her wealth.

To start with Maria read everything she could find to teach herself about money.

Once the debt was paid off she then learnt a few money making tips and started to invest her hard earned cash.

Speaking exclusively to, Maria said before getting started beginners should work on where their fear comes from.

After that, Maria suggests reading books by Tony Robbins and a few others to help shift their mindset.

“Read the stories of investing women like Hetty Green, the she-wolf of Wall Street.

“Read about Snoop Dogg’s investments and investing strategy. Get inspired!”

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What are Maria’s secrets to investing?

Secret 1: Start now because time matters. Returns only become impressive when they make compound interest.

Secret 2: Invest regularly. This is also known as dollar-cost averaging, which means that you add to the investment account never mind what – it works out in the end.

Secret 3: Don’t sweat the bad times. During bad times do the opposite to what your knee jerk reaction tells you to do. If people are tempted to sell their investments, it could be time to buy more, or do nothing at all.

Maria also recommends staying away from investments if people don’t understand them, as well as recommending that they put money to one side for emergencies and opportunities.

For beginners, she recommends trying digital wealth managers like Nutmeg and Vanguard.

Maria says: “Great investing is like classic design – simple, functional, and beautiful.”

“When starting, I’d urge you to keep your investments diversified and straightforward, which means investing in global funds (index or mutual) and ‘basket’ investments like exchange traded funds (ETFs).

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She continues: “Where possible, always select low fee, low-cost investing platforms and minimise tax on your investments.

“Invest in things you love, understand and control. That applies mainly to investing in individual company, real estate and non-standard investments.

“In other words, you can invest in whisky if you love and understand it but don’t put your money in Bitcoin – no one truly understands this stuff.”

Maria Nedeva, PhD, is a business school professor and the creator of The Money Principle: a personal finance website where she teaches people in money trouble how to build sustainable wealth.

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