The Queen of Clean: The common forgotten cleaning jobs to do before the heating comes on

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The Queen of Clean, also known as Lynsey Crombie, is regularly seen on ITV’s This Morning sharing her ingenious cleaning hacks and secrets. Cleaning all year round is extremely important to combat germs and bacteria but in the Winter, keeping your home spotless can be the key to good health. The cleaning sensation has shared her top cleaning jobs that everyone should do before the cold weather comes and the heating goes on. 

Clean behind your radiator

The cleaning guru explains that one job that is forgotten about is cleaning behind your radiator. Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it is clean. Chances are it’s extremely dirty and dust.

Lynsey explains: “Trapped dust in your radiator can create a horrific smell when you turn your heating on for the first time. 

“Try steaming cleaning behind the radiator with a handheld steamer- it is great for removing any trapped dust, cobwebs and dirt. Don’t be surprised how much will be hidden behind there. 

“If you haven’t got a steamer, you can use a radiator brush or pour a bowl of warm, soapy water inside the radiator onto an old towel below to give the radiator a detail clean.”

Relight your fire

Cleaning your fire out before you switch it on in the colder months can also help clear out dust that may have built up over several months.

The Queen of Clean says: “Temperature are likely to drop in the coming month and we will be getting the fire ready for lighting. It is important to give it a clean before using it for the first time as dust and remnants from last year’s uses may have been sat there for months! 

“Sweep away and dust and then use ACE Multi-Purpose spray to clean up any surfaces – it is great for the grate! And tiles too!”

Vacuum under the sofa

Dust and dirt can collect underneath furniture like sofas which can not only irritate allergy sufferers but can also attract bugs if there is any leftover food that has made it way under the sofa.

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Lynsey continued: “Most people only clean under their sofa once a year! It’s not one of the most glamorous of tasks but moving the sofa to clean underneath is essential to ensure a bug and dust free home.

“We are now entering the months of spiders and moths too, so it’s important to make sure these are removed before they set up home in your carpet or damage any of your material surfaces.”

Hoovering the top of the sofa can also help remove any dust particles that have built up.

Clean blinds and curtains

Cleaning blinds is a household chore that many people forget or don’t do because it can take time due to all the nooks and crannies. 

However, this then becomes a breeding ground for things like dust and pet fur to build up which can irritate your eyes, throat and skin.

Washing curtains regularly too, another common forgotten job can help spruce them up whilst leaving a lovely fragrance in your room too.

The cleaning sensation says: “Blinds and curtains are magnets for dust and – if they’re in the kitchen – grease! The colder months mean extended amounts of time inside and a dusty environment can increase risk of illness. 

“A great inexpensive tool is a dust glove – this will make the job even easier for a quick dust throughout the winter.”

Dust gloves can be picked up for as little as £2 which can help save a lot of time.

Lynsey went on: “Take down your curtains on a bright day – give them a wash and hang them in place to dry – to remove the creases. It is good to preserve the colour of your curtains – or they start to wear – use a splash of ACE for Colours in the wash to bring them back to life.

“Freshen them up with some homemade fabric freshener – bicarbonate of soda, water and your favourite essential oils in between washes – a cost effective way to keep them fresh.”

Clean lamp shades and light fittings

Like other household items, lamp shades and fittings can collect dust and cleaning them regularly should be added to your routine. 

The cleaning expert said: “As the darker nights draw in, we’ll be turning on our lights more regularly and for longer periods of time. It’s important to clean these overlooked dust-traps as the dust can trigger allergies and increase the household’s chances of getting sick! 

“Gently take them down and give them a dust off with a duster, gently use a link roller to remove bubbles and excess dust. Make sure you wipe the rim and the holder too! Then, using an old make-up brush to ensure a clean bulb and glowing light.”

Don’t forget the windows

Cleaning windows, especially when the cold weather has set in is important in removing accumulated salt, grime and dirt that has built up. 

This can actually etch the glass and damage it over time.

More natural light, especially when the nights draw in earlier can help make a room feel merry.

Lynsey explained: “Don’t forget your windows. Winter is not blessed with much sunlight, so on a non-sunny day pop out with some warm soapy water and vinegar and give them a good, streak free clean.

“Try bunching up your newspaper – when you have read it or course – to dry with a really streak-free clean.”

For more from Lynsey, follow her on Instagram @TheQueenofClean. 

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