Texas AG rips Biden's mass release of migrants into US: 'Completely illegal'

Biden’s mass release of migrants into US ‘completely illegal’: AG Ken Paxton

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton reacts to the Biden administration allowing mass releases of Cubans, Venezuelans and Nicaraguan immigrants into the U.S.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton argued Friday President Biden’s mass release of Cuban, Venezuelan and Nicaraguan migrants into the U.S. is "completely illegal," warning on "Mornings with Maria" that the border crisis is "only getting worse."


KEN PAXTON: [The Biden administration is] continuing to not follow federal law. Their job is to protect the border, to send people back there that are here illegally. This idea of releasing people on a mass scale is supposed to be an individual choice each time, not a mass decision, but [letting] everyone go [is] completely illegal in violation of federal law, and again, Joe Biden is not following his constitutional role. 

YUMA, ARIZONA – DECEMBER 07: U.S. Border Patrol agents watch over a group of immigrants after they crossed over the border from Mexico on December 07, 2021 into Yuma, Arizona. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images) (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images / Getty Images)

It's only getting worse…they're not vetting these people, they could be terrorists, they could be criminals. There are many of them that are criminals. You're still spreading COVID. You're still allowing drugs to be imported in this country. There's nothing good for Americans in this. I don't see any benefit to America. I only see detriment, and I guess the ultimate goal is both, but it's not working out well for America. 


Border crisis ‘not benefiting America,’ only detriment: AG Ken Paxton

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton argues the migrant surge at the southern border is ‘only getting worse.’

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