Tammy Bruce credits Trump 'outreach' for record number of GOP women joining Congress

Get Tammy Bruce: House sees ‘red wave’ of Republican women

At least 27 women will be part of the House Republican Caucus when the 117th Congress is sworn in this coming January. 

The record number of conservative women joining the lower chamber of Congress is due in large part to President Trump's "changing of the Republican Party," which had struggled for years to recruit minority candidates, Fox Nation host Tammy Bruce claimed Wednesday. 

"More people are comfortable identifying as conservative and they're comfortable identifying and running as Republicans," Bruce said on her Fox Nation show "Get Tammy Bruce."

"There has been a lot of outreach that President Trump has done across the board and this is something that the Republican Party has traditionally been very weak in," she added. "We know that there have been issues — when it comes to people of color [and] when it comes to women – the issue of recruitment to run for office as Republicans."

Bruce said the "red wave" of Republican congresswomen-elect represents a collective desire to preserve conservative ideals that "minorities, women, people of color in general, gays and lesbians…really need to rely on.

"A strong economy, strong personal financial dynamics, the ability to start your own business, to be independent, to be able to live where you want to live," are issues that resonate with minority communities, she explained. 


"Getting women in elected office and having everybody across the spectrum in America being able to identify comfortably with being a Republican or a conservative is very important," added Bruce, an outspoken Republican and member of the LGBTQ community.

"It is the thing that will save our lives and conservative ideas improve everyone's lives," Bruce asserted, adding "We can't just ethically abandon anyone to Democrats."

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Fox News’ Angelica Stabile contributed to this report.

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