Talent agent exposes New York Times’ Taylor Lorenz for defamatory article: ‘I lost my business’

Talent agent rips New York Times reporter for article ‘full of lies’

Entrepreneur Ariadna Jacob shares how she lost her business due to New York Times staffer Taylor Lorenz’s dishonest reporting

The New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz has been repeatedly called out for dishonest journalism and talent agent Ariadna Jacob, a Lorenz victim, refuses to stay silent.

On “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Jacob explained how her top-tier influencer company at influences.com was “disrupting the entertainment space” after discovering some of the largest internet stars including Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae. But after Lorenz’s “scathing” article dragged Jacob’s business through the mud, her entire life changed.

“It was devastating when Taylor Lorenz came along with the megaphone of The New York Times and decided to write a scathing article full of lies about us,” she said. “And she had to know it was lies because we answered all her questions factually before she published the story.”

Jacob admitted that Lorenz continued to “attack” her even six months after the article was published, calling the agent a “literal abuser” to people in the media. According to Jacob, The New York Times continues to defend their writer’s “disgusting and sinister behavior.”

“This is an abuse of power,” she said. “How does Taylor Lorenz still have a job?”

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