‘Stubborn’ grease ‘slips off’ of oven glass when using kitchen item

Cleaning hacks: TikTok user shows trick for cleaning oven doors

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Cleaning an oven can be a dirty, unpleasant job — and very difficult to perfect. While removing debris and burnt-on food is relatively easy, restoring the average oven to its showroom look is almost impossible after just a few uses. Plus, cleaning the glass in the oven door seems to be a job many householders struggle with. To make the task of cleaning the glass easier, Mrs Hinch fans have shared their recommendation.

Unsure of how to go about cleaning her glass oven door, one woman posted a picture of the current state of the oven door that was completely covered in dark brown and black stains on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page.

Lynne Roberts wrote: “Saw a post a while back on how to clean a glass cooker door but can’t remember what it said.”

Cleaning the glass in the oven should be the last part of the process and should only be done when the oven has completely cooled down. 

For those who have big chunks of burnt food and crumbs on their oven glass, group members suggested first removing them by hand – and of course making sure to use rubber gloves. 

When it comes to what cleaning product to use, the majority recommended a dishwasher tablet.

Gillian Cooper said: “Definitely a dishwasher tablet, not the liquid one but the powder on. 

“Wet and rub in circles. It worked brilliantly and fetched it up like new.” Geraldine O Shea commented: “Dishwasher tablet. I dipped it in hot water and rubbed it over the glass and now it looks brand new.”

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Sammy Dawson said: “If it’s just the door you’re cleaning, unscrew it and take the glass out, I would wet a dishwasher tablet and run it over the area. 

“The stubborn grime and grease slips off as soon as you start using this. It’s amazing.”

Susan Cambridge wrote: “A damp dishwasher tablet rubbed all over the glass. Works really well. I also use it on the base of oven and oven racks.”

Alexandra McDonnell suggested: “A dishwasher tablet or (believe me) a paracetamol tablet. I used an Anadin Extra tablet dipped in water and rubbed over the glass. Gets rid of headaches and dirty glass.”

Sita Davi said: “I used a dishwasher tablet, not the gel pod ones, and keep the plastic wrapper on.”

It’s not just Mrs Hinch fans who recommended using this method, so does Kathleen Bell, from eco-effective cleaning brand, smol.

She said: “First, pop on some washing up gloves and make sure your warm water is close to hand. Dip your dishwasher tablet in the warm water and scrub it directly on to the oven door. 

“As you work across the door, continue to occasionally dip your dishwasher tablet back into the water. Then simply wipe clean.”

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The cleaning expert also recommended using a dishwasher tablet to clean inside the oven and for stained pans.

She said: “For the inside of the oven you may need another dishwasher tablet. Work your way around the oven, paying close attention to any particularly greasy patches. 

“Again, occasionally dip your dishwasher tablet back into the water as you go. When you’ve covered the whole oven, take a damp cloth and wipe away any residue. This works brilliantly for a burnt roasting dish or stained pan too.”

For those who don’t already have a pack of dishwasher tablets at their disposal, they are cheap to buy from local supermarkets. A pack of 30 retails for £1.34 at Asda and at Sainsbury’s for £3.

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