Strawberry ice cream fans find love younger, according to study

YOUR favourite ice cream flavour could predict what age you'll find love.

This is according to researchers who think ice cream choices can reveal a lot about your character.

The study claims that strawberry ice cream is for lovers.

It also said the frozen dessert can predict whether you like cats or dogs.

It was conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Breyers, Southwest News Service (SWNS).

As part of the investigation, 2,000 Americans were split into groups depending on whether they like chocolate, strawberry or vanilla ice cream.

The researchers found fans of strawberry ice cream were more likely to find love at age 24.

They're also more likely to enjoy jazz, sci fi and doing laundry.

Fans of vanilla reportedly won't find love until 25.

However, chocolate fans are more likely to find love at 26 and can be more extroverted.

The study did have some drawbacks, including the fact it didn't take into account there are plenty of other favourite ice cream flavours.

It did look into favourite ice cream toppings though.

Apparently, 52% of the participants liked chocolate chips as a topping.

Hot fudge and and nuts were also popular but whipped cream was less so.

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And, scientists have created a new method to more accurately work out your dog's age.

What's your favourite flavour ice cream? Let us know in the comments…

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