‘Some areas are already spending more!’ UK regions worst hit by surging energy costs

Martin Lewis explains how to reduce your energy bills

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The recent energy price hike has seen some households across the UK face a more than 50 percent increase in bills. The spike in gas prices has led to the collapse of several energy firms and a the energy price cap to increase by 12 percent for dual fuel. Despite millions of households feeling the financial pinch, some regions have been worst hit by rising energy costs.

Northern Ireland spends the biggest proportion of their household budget on gas and electricity.

According to research conducted by research experts at Boiler Central, people in Northern Ireland spend 32 percent more on gas and electricity than the average UK household, making the the worst affected regions for the rise in energy prices.

Shockingly, Northern Irelanders spend 66 percent more of their weekly budget on electricity than Londoners.

The capital is the region least affected by rising energy costs, spending the least on electricity.

Households in Northern Ireland also spend 40 percent more of their weekly budget on electricity than they do on net rent.

The research used ONS data on household fas and electricity spending between 2018 and 2020 to see which areas will be the most impacted by the recent price hike.

Scotland is the second worst off for increased energy costs with residents spending 41 percent more of their weekly budget on gas and electricity than London.

Welsh residents also spend more on electricity per month than they do on rent.

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Residents of Wales spend 10 percent more of their weekly household spending on heat and electricity than the average UK household.

The West Midlands, the North West and the North East are also among the worst hit regions.

Residents in the West Midlands and North West spent a third more of their weekly household budget on heating their homes than residents in the capital.

Meanwhile, households in the North East spend 28 percent more.

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As previously mentioned, London is the least impacted by rising electricity costs.

Residents spend the least amount of their weekly budget on heating their homes.

The South East was also better off than the rest of the UK when it came to increased prices.

Households spending 16 percent less on fuel and electricity each week than the average UK household.

A spokesperson for Boiler Central, which conducted the study said some areas are “already spending disproportionately more” on electricity than other areas.

They said: “As winter draws in, rising energy costs have been dominating headlines.

“When we look at the data, it’s clear that some areas of the UK are already spending disproportionately more on electricity than other regions, and will likely be most impacted by the hike in energy prices.

“While the Government is looking into alternatives to fossil fuels – such as hydrogen and heat pumps – it could be several years until these become viable for every household, and in the meantime, families have to deal with ever more unaffordable gas prices.”

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