‘So delighted’: DIY mum saves £300 on solid oak dressing table with ‘secret’ £15 hack

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DIY enthusiast Stephanie Dawson, 32, from Gloucestershire, moved into a home which needed a lot of renovation work. Speaking to big sale marketplace LovetheSales.com, the mum shared how she managed to save more than £300 on solid oak furniture by sourcing it herself.

She explained: “Solid oak furniture is so expensive and overpriced, I want to share the secret to having oak furniture for next to nothing.

“I had just moved into a new run-down with the aim of doing it all up myself.

“Getting all new furniture was integral to spicing up the house and making it look like a home. 

“However, the costs of new furniture kept adding up.”

Stephanie said she was “bamboozled” at the cost of oak furniture so she started looking for cheaper options.

The DIY enthusiast added: “Though plywood options were cheaper, I wanted something that could last, and knew that if I got creative I could have my cake and eat it.

“Instead of searching for solid oak dressing table, I googled off-cut oak slab. 

“To my surprise, I found tonnes of sites selling solid oak wood for a fraction of the price of buying a furniture piece.

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“At first, I thought I was going to find bits of old logs you’d see on the ground in a forest, to my surprise all the wood comes pre-treated, and the majority of pieces are leftovers from furniture retailers.

“The piece of wood I found was from a vendor on Facebook marketplace.

“The seller was advertising a gorgeous solid oak slab for just £15!

“After fetching the slab, I cut it myself with a hand saw so it would fit a dressing table size.

“Finally, I bought four 50p brackets, screwed them into the wall, and then just put the wood on top.”

Stephanie explained that she picked up the brackets from a local DIY shop.

She added: “I’m so delighted with the results I got, looks like I purchased the wood straight from a high-end furniture store.

“Core materials were actually pretty cheap when you buy them pre-treated.

“If you are up to the task to source the materials and turn them into a great piece of furniture yourself, you’ll save heaps of money.”

Solid oak dressing tables can start anywhere from £300 up to £700.

Stephanie added a chair to her dressing area as well as a gold circle mirror on the wall.

Stuart McClure, co-founder of LovetheSales.com, commented: “Stephanie has unravelled a huge secret in the furniture world, sourcing the core materials for your furniture is super cost-effective and is a brilliant tip for DIYers out there.

“Doing your research and finding the places that sell the core materials is half the battle, but a great way to save huge amounts of money.”

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