‘So cheap’: Painting your kitchen cabinets will give the room a ‘new lease of life’

Sophie Robinson shares tips for painting UPVC windows

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Making home improvements can at first sound very costly, especially in the midst of the cost of living crisis, fuelled by material shortages and soaring energy costs. Many opt for hiring a professional to carry out renovation jobs, however, this can cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds. Instead, interior experts at Stelrad have noted “cheap” ways to update a property to a home of your dreams.

The experts have shared that painting kitchen cabinets is an “cheap” and “easy” way to upgrade any kitchen.

They said: “If you want to give your kitchen a new lease of life, you might think you’re looking at renovating the whole room and spending a fortune on brand new cabinets. 

“Instead, you can add a few coats of coloured paint to the cabinets and completely transform the whole room.

“If your kitchen is fairly neutral you could go for a dark navy or forest green to contrast with the rest of the room. 

“Not only will painting the cabinets make it look more modern, but it will also totally refresh the room.   

“Upgrading your cabinets is easy to change and normally so cheap as well, so you can spend hardly any time and money on making your home as beautiful as it can be.”

However, before attempting to paint the cabinets, ensure that the wood is completely clean.

Unfinished, painted, and stained wood is the best cabinet surface to paint too. 

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For those who want to add more artificial light into a room, they should look at swapping out their lighting.

Changing up light fixtures can make the room look way more expensive and stylish, according to the experts.

They added: “You don’t have to change every light in the house either. 

“You could just change the fittings in the main rooms and change the lampshades in the other smaller rooms.”

For those who want to bring sparkle to the room as well as light, opt for a chandelier, but for those who just want to add a warm glow, try upgrading to a dimmer switch so you have full control of the light. 

Particularly for small dark rooms, mirrors can be a brilliant way to open up a space as well as add a touch more decor.

The experts suggested: “You could even hang different sized mirrors amongst your photos and art on the walls to create an interesting feature wall. 

“You can find plenty of gorgeous mirrors second-hand as well so you don’t have to spend a fortune either.”

Homeowners should opt for large mirrors if they want to open up a space and smaller ones if they want to bring pockets of light to a room.

To some, the idea of keeping all storage hidden away is the best solution for making a home look stylish.

However, interior experts have explained that this is not always the case as potential buyers want to see if there is plenty of space for them to keep their belongings.

They said: “Having more storage out in the open is something that potential buyers will want to see as it shows that there’s plenty of space without having to open up loads of cupboards. 

“Adding open units can be a great way to bring depth and storage to the room.”

If homeowners have blank walls, they should try adding some extra shelves for some easily accessible storage.

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