Single dad in tears after boss gives him £19k towards daycare and pays for school fees

Undercover Boss USA: CEO rewards employee for honesty

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Viewers of Channel 4’s Undercover Boss USA saw the president of the company reward RK, a housekeeper, for being such a great employee, all the while dealing with challenging personal circumstances. RK is a single father who was not been able to finish university due to caring for his daughter.

After working with RK for just a day, Mr Cloobeck realised that “he needs some help”.

His heart went out to RK because he was such a thoughtful worker, however none of the management staff listened to him when he filed complaints from guests.

After Mr Cloobeck revealed himself as CEO of the company, he wanted to help RK and his family as he had told him that he was “under a lot of stress”.

Mr Cloobeck said: “You’re a great team member.

“I can’t believe how you opened my eyes today. I owe you a debt of gratitude. The things you have explained to me will allow me to fix this resort so much quicker.

“You want to go to school so I’m going to pay for it for you. All four years.

“You have to promise me you will graduate.

“I will give you $25,000 (around £19,000) to get day care.”

In tears, RK responded: “Thank you so much.

“Am I dreaming?

“I never thought in my wildest dreams that this could happen.

“I appreciate it more than you will ever know.”

Whilst undercover, RK spoke to tMr Cloobeck about his personal situation.

He explained that he always files customer complaints with his supervisors but no one changes anything.

He wanted to go to hotel management school but he could not afford to pay for it.

He tried to go to university however he got married and his wife had an affair, so he had to drop out to look after his daughter and support her.

RK said: “She is the one who keeps me coming back.

“It is a lot of stress that comes with the territory.”

After hearing about his daughter, Mr Cloobeck wanted to help her as well, to make RK’s life a little less stressful.

He said: “I want to do something special for your daughter.

“Why don’t I set up a trust fund for your daughters school that will grow to $50,000 (around £37,000).

“This will take care of all her schooling. You don’t have to worry.”

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