Simple change could see electric car drivers save HUNDREDS on energy bills – and convince others to switch to EVs

EXPERTS have revealed the one easy change that could allow electric car drivers to potentially save hundreds on their energy bills.

Drivers have been advised that changing the time they charge their cars even once a week could save them more than £1,000 per year.

According to Select Car Leasing's research, if EV drivers charge their car at home during off-peak hours once a week, they could save as much as £1,037 on their annual bills.

With the ceiling for savings potentially even higher if you charge your care more than once a week in off-peak times, others could be convinced to switch to EV.

Automotive experts at Select Car Leasing said: "It’s tempting for drivers to charge their cars as soon as they get home so as not to forget.

"Off-peak electricity times in the UK are between the hours of 11pm and 8am – so putting your car on charge before you head to bed for the night is likely to save you more money than charging as soon as you’re home."

Charging an Audi E-tron during peak time in April would have cost £26.60 compared to £6.65 in off peak – a saving of £19.95 for the month.

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The experts also revealed that EV motorists will have an advantage over drivers with regular cars following the energy price hike.

David Lewis, Electric Lead at Select Car Leasing said: “There’s very few ways to avoid rising energy prices come April.

"Drivers of (internal combustion engine) cars especially are at an extreme disadvantage due to paying increasing fuel prices and now rising energy prices.

“EV motorists, despite using home energy to charge their vehicles, have a key advantage compared to other drivers.

"They’ll benefit from being able to lower their electricity bills by opting to charge during off-peak times.

"The upcoming rise in energy prices highlights the further benefits of switching to electric – even with energy prices increasing, you’re still fuelling a car for as little as £2.28.”

It comes after new electric car brand Nio claimed it has a massive driving range of 621 miles on its latest model which trumps Tesla.

Electric care and their capabilities are advancing rapidly and it is no wonder that more and more regular vehicle users are switching over.

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