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A SHOPPER was left scratching his head after he spotted the peculiar logo his local supermarket had chosen for their electric charging points.

Nigel Stewart, 63, said he nipped to his local Morrisons before seeing the parking spots were adorned with what looked to be cats.

The author caught the optical illusion as he looked at the electric car sign from the wrong angle, giving the logo its feline appearance.

The 63-year-old went on to tweet the image from the car park near his home in Kirkham, Lancashire – and racked up a whopping 42,000 likes.

He said: “If you need your cat charging, get down to Morrisons.”

Intended to be a car painted in white against a blue background, when looked at sideways it appears instead to be a moggy with the plug as a tail.

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Dog-lover Nigel revealed that he ironically had popped into the store to buy some bits for his nine-year-old Cavachon Fozzie.

The dad-of-two said he’d driven to the supermarket hundreds of times and never noticed the ‘cat’ – but got a new perspective when he decided to walk.

"It's uncanny – it's a great likeness,” he said.

"It was just a remarkable thing to have seen, and slipped into my head really.

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“It just struck me that the idea of a cat needing to be charged was funny.

"Especially considering how lazy they can be – sometimes it's like they need plugging in.

"The tail shaped like a plug was quite a neat idea.

"If you turn it on its side – that's what it is. It was just bizarre that the first time I'd walked past it I saw a cat. That's the first thing that came to my head."

It appears fans saw the same thing he did – with the post not only getting more than 42,000 likes but also almost 5,000 comments from others tricked by the optical illusion.

“If you put things on social media sometimes it either falls flat or everyone gets it, and in this case they did,” he added.

Nigel's viral tweet caught the eye of plenty of cat lovers, who joked that it would take most felines hours to charge up.

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One said: “Does it have a CATalytic converter?”

"Didn't know you could get electric cats – can finally get rid of my petrol one", joked another.

"Just purrfect", commented a third.

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