Shocking moment Range Rover almost HITS little girl on a bike as driver insists 'this is why we need the Highway Code'

THIS is the horrifying moment a Range Rover almost HITS a little girl on a bike – with a driver insisting "this is why we need the new Highway Code".

A dramatic photo shows the vehicle narrowly missing the youngster as the driver squeezes between her and a Tesco van coming the other way.

The shocking snap, taken by cyclist Tim Lennon, shows the young girl pedaling along the edge of a busy road without a helmet as the Range Rover cruises by extremely close to her – trying to avoid oncoming traffic.

A cycling campaigner has insisted "this is why" new Highway Code rules – which states cyclists should ride in the middle of the road and be overtaken with at least a 1.5metre gap – are needed.

Danny, who campaigns for better city mobility, tweeted: " To all those people moaning about the new Highway Code rules and they don't think they should give cyclists (or horse riders) space when overtaking, this is why."

Under the code's revamp, it is acceptable for cyclists to ride in the centre of the lane, in some situations.

Rule 72 in The Highway Code says: "Ride in the centre of your lane, to make yourself as clearly visible as possible, in the following situations:

"On quiet roads or streets – if a faster vehicle comes up behind you, move to the left to enable them to overtake, if you can do so safely.

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"In slower-moving traffic – when the traffic around you starts to flow more freely move over to the left if you can do so safely so that faster vehicles behind you can overtake.

"At the approach to junctions or road narrowings where it would be unsafe for drivers to overtake you."

The code also states that wehn drivers are wanting to overtake cyclists, they must leave at least 1.5 metres of space at speeds of up to 30mph.

At higher speeds, drivers should be giving cyclists more space.

Many agreed with Danny on Twitter as they expressed their shock at the near miss.

"Horrendous driving," one user replied.

"What goes on in a person’s mind when driving a vehicle and seeing another human on a bicycle going at a much slower speed? Do they not engage the safety understanding and slow down?"


But some instead questioned while the youngster was not wearing a helmet as others defended the girl.

One person wrote: "Bad overtake of course but child also has no helmet and why on earth would you bring a small child cycling on a roads like that."

Another tweeted: "More comments about the lassie not wearing a helmet than about the driver who nearly knocks her off shows the exact reason why mentality has to change.

"Stop the dangerous driving! Call that out. Whataboutery or blaming a victim for not wearing a helmet is not a reasonable answer."

A third added: "Lots of helmet comments, so let me straight it’s personal choice to wear a helmet, it’s the law to give 1.5m space when overtaking."

It comes as many drivers have shared their anger about the new laws – with some branding it a “nightmare”.

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