Shock vid exposes huge potential flaw in electric cars that could see them become a ‘lawyer’s picnic’ | The Sun

SHOCK footage has emerged of an electric car owner's bizarre charging set up outside their home.

The very long cable’s trip hazard potential has already been described as a “lawyer’s picnic” as a debate rages about electric car charging.

In the video, the cable loops from the house over the front fence and snakes along the road to the car.

Perhaps sensing lawyers circling, the owner has concealed the part of the cable on the pavement with a hazard cover.

But that's not been enough to appease his neighbours in the Manly area of Sydney sent the footage to local radio station 2GB.

“It's a trip hazard as well as an electrical hazard to children,” one of them, Mark,told the station.


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“If someone trips over, what are they going to do?

“Are they going to sue the home owner because their home contents will probably have public liability cover but insurance companies will say 'it's outside your house, we're not covering.'

“The local council will say it's not their problem so it's going to be a lawyer's picnic.

“The electrical cables are going to get wet at some stage.”

But any possible solutions are unlikely to be pleasing on the eye, he said.

“I think some council were looking to run the cables down poles but it's going to be like spaghetti junction. It's going to look terrible.”

As electric cars increase in popularity, the question of home charging it set to become a thorny issue.

According to a new report, finding an electric car charger in 2031 will be 98 per cent harder than it is today, a new report has revealed.

Earlier this year one woman revealed her next-door neighbour wants to build an electric car charger on their driveway.

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But the electricity company has recommended the wires go underneath her hedge and lawn because they need a different category of electricity supply.

Meanwhile, a dad sparked a fierce debate after posting a picture of a BMW parked across the pavement as it charges.

The driver had positioned their vehicle right next to their fence in order to reach the electric charging cable.

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But the dad, who spotted the gaffe while out for a walk with his baby in Cardiff, Wales, slammed the driver.

"Genuinely staggered to come across this on a walk with the baby,” he wrote on Twitter.

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