Seven ‘must-know’ tips for storing bedding to prevent mould and mildew

Cleaning hack: Home expert advises on washing bed sheets

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Washing and drying bedding is a tiresome chore and there is often a sense of relief once it is back in the cupboard or under the bed. However, according to the experts at Happy Beds, storing bed sheets and duvet covers is extremely important in helping to reduce the chances of “mould and mildew” growing on them. Here are seven “must-know” tips for properly storing bedding.

1. Always wash your bedding before you store it

The experts explained: “While this may seem like common sense, it’s incredibly important to wash your bedding cover, sheets and pillow cases every time you take them off your bed.

“This is because the average person sweats between 500ml and 700ml overnight. Or even more so if a person suffers from night sweats and is going through menopause.”

The pros recommended washing bedding on a 60C wash so all of the sweat, dust and other nasties are killed. Also, make sure to wash bedding around once every week, or more so if you have pets and allergies.

2. Dry bedding properly

Drying bedding can be hard, especially in the winter months and it can be hard to tell the difference between a dry duvet cover and a damp one.

All bedding should be dried properly before being put away, and even the slightest dampness can cause mould and musty odours.

The bed experts said: “The best way to dry your sheets is on a washing line outside, however if this isn’t possible, there are two hacks to try.

“Firstly, you can place your airing rack next to a radiator before adding half of the bed sheet onto the airing rack, and the other half slotted down the back of the radiator.

“As the sheet is tightly spread out, this insulates the warm air, allowing it to dry more quickly. Do, however, make sure that the back of your radiator is clean before doing this to prevent dirtying them.

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“Alternatively, you can add your bed sheets onto your curtain rail, which is even more efficient if your radiator is switched on underneath.”

3. Never store bedding in the bathroom

Despite many people believing bedding should be stored in their linen cupboards in bathrooms, according to the pros, this is the “worst thing” anyone can do.

This is because the cupboard can get extremely humid, causing mould and mildew to grow if left for long periods of time.

This also goes for towels which shouldn’t be kept in the bathroom and should also be washed separately from any type of bedding.

4. Never store bedding in plastic containers

The pros continued: “Mrs Hinch and Marie Kondo have influenced the nation to store everything in rattan baskets, plastic containers and more.

“However, you should never store bedding in any form of plastic material as they emit gases which seep into your bedding, causing a yellow stain.

“If you’d like to store your bedding in a box of some sort, make sure it’s made of fabric or rattan and that it doesn’t had a lid, no matter how dry your bedding may look or feel, there is always going to be some moisture within the fabric, which when stored in an airtight container, can cause mould or mildew.”

5. Fold your bedding inside the matching pillowcases

There is nothing worse than losing pillowcases and ending up with a messy storage system as it can be a tiresome chore as it is putting bedding on.

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To make the process as easy as possible, start folding your bedding cover, matching sheet and one pillowcase into the remaining pillowcase.

The bed experts noted: “That way, not only are your sheets protected from discolouration, but you have the matching bedding stored together, saving you time and frustration further down the line.”

6. Add laundry beads

No matter how fresh bedding smells when it comes out of the washing machine, over time it can lose its freshness if it isn’t used.

To help keep them fresh, place some scented beads in an open cup or mesh bag and add them next to the bedding. Remember to store them properly, away from pets and children.

7. Use coffee grounds

The experts continued: “Alternatively, if you don’t use scented booster beads, you can use coffee as an odour repellent. 

“Simply take some fresh coffee grounds and place them in a covered cup with holes to allow the smell to escape. You can tape paper over the cup and add holes to the paper covering the cup to allow for the smell to escape.

“Just remember to refresh the coffee regularly, each month, and don’t worry, you don’t need to use your finest coffee, just some coffee granules in a cup should help keep smells at bay.”

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