Sen. Kennedy torches Biden's Afghanistan withdrawal: This was the ‘Mona Lisa of incompetence'

Sen. Kennedy: Biden admin’s withdrawal was ‘Mona Lisa of incompetence’

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to react to the Afghanistan withdrawal.

Sen. John Kennedy, R-La., told “Fox & Friends” Tuesday that the Biden administration’s Afghanistan withdrawal was the “Mona Lisa of incompetence.” The Louisiana senator made these comments after the Pentagon announced Monday that all U.S. troops have departed Afghanistan, meeting the president’s Aug. 31 deadline


SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: What we witnessed, and I mean, by we, I mean our world, is stunning incompetence, breathtaking incompetence. The Mona Lisa of incompetence. Now, there are good arguments to withdraw. There are good arguments to keep a limited force…in Afghanistan, but they are no good arguments for what the world has watched. I don’t know who President Biden had in charge…it looks like he put Gavin Newsom in charge. 

I’ve talked to three foreign leaders in the past week that are all pro-American…they are humiliated, they are angry and they’re scared. They don’t understand how we could have screwed this up so badly, and they hear all this talk from…the White House talking about, well, ‘we have to pivot immediately to the Pacific.’ 

President Biden is going to have to spend an enormous amount of time…talking to our allies in the world, telling them what happened. We left behind the equipment, weapons we gave them to the enemy and all of this time the White House says ‘we don’t know how many Americans, our friends we need to get out now…I hope I’m wrong…but the people we left behind, the Taliban, they’re going to gut these people like a fish. They’re going to kill them and hurt them the entire time they’re gone. This didn’t have to happen. 


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