Save money! The best supermarket price comparison apps

Price comparison giant MySupermarket announced they were closing in March after 14 years of operation. The company said its parent firm MySupermarket Business Solutions would continue to operate but “shift activity toward other business areas”.

Latest Deals

Much like MySupermarket, allows customers to search for specific items and compare prices across a wide range of stores.

Supermarkets customers can search for include:

• Tesco
• Asda
• Sainsbury’s
• Morrisons
• Waitrose
• Iceland


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A Latest Deals spokesperson said: “We have exclusively focused on the six big supermarkets that do online shopping and home delivery.

“We have not included Aldi, Lidl, Co-Op or other food stores yet for precisely this reason.

“Plus, to help supermarkets who are under strain, if their websites are down or have a queue system we’ll hide those results from members.”

To start using the app, just download it from the App Store or Google Play and browse.


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Co-Founder of Tom Church told “I created the supermarket price comparison tool after receiving hundreds of messages from my community.

“People were struggling in the coronavirus lockdown to get food at low prices.

“To reduce stockpiling the supermarkets removed all promotions and deals.

“But some families on tight budgets really need those discounts to get by. So we worked for three nights straight creating the tool.

“The supermarket price comparison tool compares prices at Asda, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Iceland, Ocado and Waitress.

“All the supermarkets that offer home delivery.

“Earlier in the year, MySupermarket shut down. This was the only good supermarket price comparison tool and its closure left hundreds of people without an alternative.”

LatestDeals currently has over one million members of all ages sharing tips and tricks on finding the cheapest deals.


Which? conduct a monthly price comparison of supermarkets but with some limitations.

The overall comparison is against a range of 60 to 100 products as opposed to specific things you may want to buy.

To join the price comparison site, you need to be a member. Memberships cost just £1 for the month but then increase to £9.75 following that.

MySupermarket has left a hole in the supermarket price comparison market but more alternatives are soon expected to arrive.

Consider joining Facebook communities and groups, like this one called Reduce Your Supermarket Spend. The group has around 200,000 members, some of which are bound to help.

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