Save £100 on the NEW GoPro Hero9 – including a year’s GoPro subscription

GOPRO's iconic outdoor action camera has had an update, and the GoPro Hero9 is now available.

It has better specs and is pricier than its predecessor, but you can still get a deal.

While the GoPro Hero9 is only currently available direct from GoPro's store, the company is offering a deal for fans to get some added value.

Priced at a hefty £429.99, the Hero9 offers a lot of tech for your cash, but is still a sizeable investment.

Luckily, you can save £100 on the regular price with the GoPro Hero9 + Subscription offer – priced at £329.98.

The combination includes a GoPro Hero 9, a 32GB SD card, plus a one-year GoPro subscription featuring: unlimited cloud storage, total camera replacement, and up to 50 per cent off on GoPro kit.

  • Save £100 on GoPro Hero9 + Subscription – buy here

The big value deal means you get a year’s GoPro subscription, which usually costs £49.99, and save money at the same time.

Should you want to add on accessories for all important flexibility, there is another solid GoPro 9 deal available at a higher price.

The Hero9 Bundle + Subscription deal has all the benefits of the cheaper offer, but adds in a floating hand grip, magnetic swivel clip and spare battery.

It is the deal to go for if you want to be fully kitted out, and costs £50 more than the cheaper deal at £379.98.

It too offers a £100 saving, as buying the Hero9 with accessories (but without the subscription) costs £479.99.

Still weighing up whether the GoPro Hero9 is worth it? The new model is considered an action camera for the adventurer demanding the very latest in tech.

It offers better-than-Ultra-HD, 5K video, which will offer a bit more detail over the Hero8's 4K but won’t be for everyone.

There’s a new front display on the Hero9 too, a detachable lens and a reported 30 per cent more battery life.

If you're new to GoPro and think the GoPro Hero 8 offers all you need in an action camera, you can pick it up from £279.98.

  • Save £100 on GoPro Hero9 + Subscription – buy here

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