Rep. Ashley Hinson seeks to revive Trump's deregulation executive orders

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EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Ashley Hinson, R-Iowa, introduced new legislation Tuesday to make permanent five of former President Donald Trump’s executive orders that President Biden already repealed. 

The freshman lawmaker authored the “Red Tape Reduction Act” to restore Trump’s deregulatory actions that Hinson said were instrumental in helping small businesses and the economy grow. 

“President Trump worked to unravel the regulatory web in Washington and pull back the heavy hand of government that hurts small businesses, farmers and workers,” Hinson said in a statement to Fox News. “Coupled with tax cuts, this unleashed the strongest economy in modern history.”

The most notable of Trump’s executive orders Hinson wants to make permanent is Executive Order 13771, which required the federal government to eliminate two regulations for each new one an agency enacts. The executive actions also required agencies to designate an official to implement regulatory reform and to require the federal government to act fairly and transparently when putting new regulations in place.

Rep. Ashley Hinson, R-Iowa, serves on the House Appropriations Committee.
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Since executive actions are not laws passed by Congress, new presidents can quickly reverse them. And just like many of Trump’s executive orders, Biden rolled back these regulatory actions when he took office. 

Hinson’s Saving Trump&#… by Fox News

“Unfortunately, the Biden administration has rescinded many successful deregulatory policies and is embracing a big government mindset that will pull down our economy when we most need growth and hurt rural communities in Iowa,” Hinson said. “That’s why I introduced legislation to save President Trump’s deregulatory agenda and make his pro-growth policies permanent.” 


Hinson, a former TV news anchor who flipped a blue seat in Iowa this fall, ran on kitchen table issues such as being a good steward of taxpayer dollars and improving the climate for small businesses. Her new legislation has long odds of passing with Democrats controlling both chambers in Congress and the White House. 

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