Remove hard limescale from the bottom of the toilet

TikToker shows off hack for removing limescale from glass

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Abbi from Liverpool is a cleaning expert who posts her tips and tricks on her TikTok account (@cleanwithabbi), where she boasts 1.9M followers. She has amassed 23.7M likes for her clever tips.

The content creator also shares on her Instagram account @cleanwithabbi, where she has 54.7K followers.

She has detailed how she leaves her toilet sparkling after it was caked with hard limescale.

The cleaner uses a number of products to remove all the hard built-up limescale.

First, she takes the Sphonge Pad, a “super absorbent” sponge creators claim leaves an amazing shine and can be used on various surfaces around the house.

Putting on rubber gloves first, she then rubs the hard limescale in the bottom of her toilet with the sponge.

Next up, she takes sofa crystals and pours a generous amount into her toilet.

She then takes a white vinegar spray from the brand Star Drops and adds it to the toilet. Then the mixture begins fizzing away.

Next, the cleaner boils her kettle and pours the hot water into the toilet bowl.

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She leaves the toilet for five minutes and then comes back. The cleaner takes a Scrub Daddy, a scratch-resistant scrubbing sponge designed for touch scrubbing.

She uses some elbow grease to scrub the u-bend. Then, when she flushes the loo, it is sparkling clean.

Her fans chimed in with their own tips as to how they clean their toilets. One advised: “Bleach, leave in overnight and clean out in the morning.”

“Just Bleach does the job,” one wrote, while another said, “Black Harpic down there leave it 10 minutes and it’ll go.”

How to remove limescale from your toilet

Vinegar and baking sofa is one of the most effective ways to clean limescale. Vinegar acts as an antibacterial while the fizzing baking soda acts like a mild abrasive to lift the deposit away.

Pour both substances into the toilet and leave it to work. Then scrub and flush.

Bleach can work well too. Use a bleach product and leave it in the toilet to soak for 30 minutes before flushing.

If these methods aren’t working, a pumice stone or sandpaper can be used to scrub the limescale away, although be careful not to damage your toilet bowl.

How to prevent limescale in your toilet

It’s difficult to prevent limescale from building up in your toilet, especially if you live in a hard water area. However, rising it with white vinegar once a week could help.

Simply pour white vinegar into the bowl and let it sit overnight before flushing one night a week.

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