‘Quickest and easiest’ way to maximise bathroom space – ‘no compromise on luxury’

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Often bathrooms are placed in spaces not big enough for anything else; a room off the side of a utility room, a small en-suite or even a toilet under the stairs. However just because a space is small does not mean it should compromise on luxury. Fabrizio Costingo, Product Designer at Lusso Stone, has shared his expert advice to ensure Britons’ small space is a luxury hotel worthy bathroom.

The interior expert explained that even small bathrooms should not compromise on “style and luxury”.

He said: “A bathroom should never be an afterthought, if you need to utilise a smaller space for your bathroom then more thought is needed to ensure that there is no compromise on style and luxury. 

“Thinking about the layout, maximising storage, and ensuring there is no ‘dead space’ is crucial.”

He noted that opting for a shower over a bath is the “quickest and easiest” way to maximise space.

Fabrizio said: “If your space is limited and you desire practicality over a space for full relaxation, then choosing a shower over a bath is perhaps the quickest and easiest way to maximise space.

“Opting for a corner shower or even a walk-in shower unit can ensure that space is used to its full potential. 

“However, to make sure you are not compromising, a large rainfall shower keeps that luxury feel.

“Furthermore, incorporating a ‘nook’ or ledge into your design can create extra space in your shower unit.”

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Old-fashioned toilet cisterns can really bring down the look of any bathroom.

Therefore, for those who still have old ones, the experts advised updating them for a more “stylish” option.

The expert said: “Another key trick is removing those clunky old-fashioned cisterns and instead investing in a ‘back to wall’ toilet system. 

“They are stylish, minimalistic, and extremely convenient for smaller spaces. 

“They not only look incredibly slick but give an illusion of there being no cistern at all.”

For those who are insistent of adding a bath to small bathrooms, they could look out for where they can fit it to “utilise” the space they already have.

Fabrizio explained: “If you’re keen to include a freestanding bath but space is limited, consider a mini or compact freestanding baths. 

“Or if you’re looking to utilise corner space then a freestanding corner bath can ensure no space is wasted or a square bath is not only unique but also extremely space efficient.”

Mirrors are also a great feature to add to small bathrooms as they can open up the room and create the illusion of more space.

It’s important to remember that when styling a small bathroom simplicity is key.

Following these simple tips, homeowners can ensure that they have a bathroom that maximises its space and still feels luxury.

The main tricks are ensuring the layout is carefully considered before starting any bathroom renovation and ensuring the space available is utilised to its full potential.

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