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Safety and security are both important factors to think about when you’re moving house. Cities with the greatest population sizes can sometimes seem daunting and scary to Britons. However, a new study from scored the UK’s most populated postcodes in terms of their safety.

The site looked at data from the last three years and scored postcodes so Britons can make the right choice when deciding to move to the city.

The data looked at the number of CCTV cameras to the average crime rate.

The study revealed Liverpool has being the overall safest city to live in the UK.

Not only is it safe but buyers can bag a bargain with the average house price being just £173,555.

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In fact, 45 percent of residents said they feel “safe and secure” where they live in Liverpool.

The city also has the most CCTV out of all the areas in the study with 35,254 CCTV cameras in place.

Unlike other cities in the UK, the Liverpool also has a very low flood risk of 0.01 out of four.

The city also falls below the UK’s average crime rate of 71,145 reports per city, with just below 60,000.

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Surprising, London ranked in fourth place with the highest number of police officers.

However, the capital reported crimes per year tops almost one million with 910,093.

The average house price in London is also over double the UK average with the typical property costing £659,985.

Coventry, West Midlands, comes in second place with an average house price of £212,223.

Not only does the city have a low average house price but it also has a low crime rate with just 28,458 crimes reported each year.

The city of Leicester came in third place with 41,224 crimes reported each year.

The city also has an impressively low ambulance response time of two minutes.

If ambulance response time is a priority then Birmingham is the city for you with an average time of one minute and 43 seconds.

The average house price in Leicester is £234,900 which is below the UK average.

The UK’s least safe cities are Hull, Manchester, and Southampton.

Manchester has the highest number of burglaries per 100,000 people with 15 followed by Hull with 12.5.

Manchester’s crime rate is also well above the average with 92,483 reported per year.

Top 10 safest cities in the UK:

1. Liverpool

2. Coventry

3. Leicester

4. London

5. Milton Keynes

6. Plymouth

7. Birmingham

8. Dudley

9. Cardiff

10. Northampton

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