Property: Most popular kitchen colour for a ‘happy home’ unveiled – and it can add value

Phil Spencer shares his tips for buying a new property

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Kitchens, whether open plan or not, can add huge value to the price of a property while a bad can actually devalue it. New research from Magnet, which was shared in today’s episode of Loose Women, reveals how white kitchen units are the number one choice if you want to feel happy in your kitchen.

With so many different coloured units on the market, it can be hard to know what colour would work best.

According to Magnet’s research, white is the best if you want to feel happy in the kitchen, with one in six people believing that a white kitchen would bring them the most joy.

White kitchens appear clean, fresh and crisp as well as opening the space up, making it look larger than it is.

White is also timeless, and is a great neutral choice which appeals to the broadest spectrum of renters and buyers.

In fact, research has shown that having a natural kitchen can actually add more value than if the kitchen were to be a darker colour such as brown.

When it came to kitchen features, almost a third of people (28 percent) said having an island in their kitchen would boost joy.

An open plan kitchen and living space was also a popular choice, with one in five people agreeing that would be their preferred option.

An open plan kitchen has become increasingly popular in recent years with benefits including letting the family spend more time together as well as having more room and light.

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Walk-in pantries were also high on people’s lists with 15 percent saying it would be their go-to choice, followed by an American style fridge freezer with 14 percent of people saying that is their preference.

Hayley Simmons, Director of Commercial Range at Magnet, said: “Lockdown has changed how we live and the way in which we interact with our home spaces.

“A well designed, functional space that makes for an organised, happy home is now more desirable than size, with only 11 percent of people choosing size as their most important consideration.

“This insightful new research brings to light just how consumer behaviour is shifting, and how priorities have changed.

“Now that socialising and hosting is back on the cards, we want an organised space that complements our lifestyles, whilst also looking stylish and premium.

“Consumers desire more ‘mindful moments’ at home and want a well-balanced, tidy space to enjoy those in.

“A morning coffee was voted the top mindful moment to enjoy in the kitchen, with one in five people claiming it would make them the happiest, closely followed by eating dinner with family or housemates.”

The research also revealed that kitchen organisation is key, with two thirds of people agreeing that practicality in the kitchen is more important than the size of it.

Having storage to keep things organised was considered the most important factor, beating the likes of having the latest appliances and technology.

Homes lover and Interior Design Masters contestant, Amy Wilson, said: “A happy kitchen for me is a magic mix of some very simple ingredients – thoughtful design, functionality and personality.

“There are no rules when it comes to creating a happy kitchen, simply have some fun and design a space where people want to stay, and memories can be made.

“My happy kitchen starts with dancing on the table! A kitchen is about so much more than just eating – it is a space with great energy where family and friends can gather and share.”

Magnet’s research last year unveiled that having a property with a great kitchen could add as much as £20,000 onto its value.

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